Project Stealth - Spy vs Mercenary Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Project Stealth - Spy vs Mercenary 
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 Project Stealth - Spy vs Mercenary Cheats

Project Stealth - Spy vs Mercenary

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Project Stealth is a Stealth-Action-Multiplayer game aimed at the 
hardcore PC-player who likes intense teamwork, strategy and on-the-fly
tactical planning. A cat-and-mouse-game in which two non-lethal, fast 
Spies are up against two lethal but slow Mercenaries. On top of that, 
a difference between third-person and first-person cameras makes Project
Stealth a guarantee for an exciting game experience. 

Both sides are aided by various high-tech gadgets and special vision 
modes to help them accomplish their goals: infiltrating and hacking an
objective for Spies, or preventing that for Mercenaries.

* The next-gen multiplayer stealth-action game using Unreal Engine 3 
* 2 Spies vs 2 Mercenaries.
* Original gadgets and special vision modes like thermal vision and 
  motion tracking.
* Free (requires Unreal Tournament 3).
* Created by gamers, for hardcore PC-gamers.
* Spy character model won third place in MakeSomethingUnreal Contest
   Phase 1. 
* Competing in MakeSomethingUnreal Contest Phase 4.
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