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 Puma Street Soccer Cheats

Puma Street Soccer

Submitted by: RM

Supershots are meant to turn the game upside down in a matter of seconds,
so knowing how to use them is a must to master the game. Here are a few 
hints that will help you improve your game: 

-While it might look appealing to throw random shots just to get the 
 supershots, they are an advantage, not the only way to get goals. 

-Play with time. If the opposing team is a couple of shots away of getting
 supershots or already has them and you are defending a narrow lead in the
 dying seconds, kill time as often as possible. 

-Occasionally the computer player only places one player behind. When this
 happens, marking closely that player will force the goalkeeper to hurl the
 ball, and your players in midfield will have advantage playing the ball. 
 If you are ahead in the scoreboard, keep heading the ball back to the 
 goalkeeper. It fills out the shot meter and stop the opposing team of 
 doing so at the same time, and occasionally the goalkeeper might fluke 
 the ball. 

-A four goal advantage might not be enough if there are supershots at stake.
 Imagine this: with one shot before filling the bar a team scores, reducing 
 the advantage to three and activating the supershots, then are able to score
 two more and in the third supershot either score or force a juicy rebound. 
 If one isn't careful, this can take less than 30 seconds to happen. Big 
 advantages are worthless if defending gets too sloppy. 

-A high risk manouver when defending supershots against the computer is to 
 concede a corner. More often than not, the kick taker shoots directly on goal,
 and the goalkeeper is usually able to deflect into another corner. However, 
 if he decides to cross, it's almost a sure goal.

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