Puzzle Quest - Challenge Of The Warlords Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Puzzle Quest - Challenge Of The Warlords 
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 Puzzle Quest - Challenge Of The Warlords Cheats

Puzzle Quest - Challenge Of The Warlords

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM 

Alternate ending sequence:
Free the Sorcerer that Darkhunter asks you to take to the Red Tower near the
start of the game to unlock three new areas at the end of the game.

Unlock 3 new areas at the end of the game:
Free the Sorcerer that Darkhunter asks you to take to the Red Tower near the
start of the game.

Easy HP:
Create a knight, and train him to level 40 with a high fire mastery. Fire mastery
can be increased by getting some special items, such as Rune Items. Make sure you
can hold at least 48 Fire Mana. Capure a Fire Elemental, and research the spell 
"Fire Siphon". The spell Chivalry is also required. You can learn it at level 40.
Select those two spells so that you can cast them. Start a battle, and check the 
resistance of your enemy. It is best if their resistance is 0\%. First, cast 
Chivalry. It will remove effects such as Poison and will raise you and your enemy's
mana to the maximum. In your next turn, cast Fire Siphon. This will drain your
enemy's red mana and add it to your life points (not your maximum life points).

Hint: Quests has split:
Example: King's daughter needs to merry some kind of lord but she doesnt want it
and you must escort her to wedding. 
And there are 2 things you can do:

1. Take her to other town.
2. Obey king and take her to wedding,

So it is hard choice.I took example from game so these are rewards:

1. You get 2500 gold,queens ring and her as companion.
2. You get nothing.

Another example is the first that happened in game for me:
You captured skeleton socrecer with your friend undead hunter(forgot his name) 
and he tells you to take him to some kind of keep where knights live.(undead 
hunter cant come with you cause he is banished) While you travel evil skel 
socrecer tells you to take him back to his castle and says he will give you 
artifact sword and info about undead invasion.

You again have 2 choices:

1. Help skel socrecer,
2. Do what undead hunter says,

1.I dont know but i think skel socrecer will give you sword and tell info about
  undead invasion. will get undead hunter as companion.(Even if skel socrecer will give good
  reward i suggest companion cause companions give good passive effect)

For all of you who speaks german, spanish french or italian and want to play the
game in your language, do as followed:

Right click the game icon (on the desktop or startmenu) and select property.
add to the text in "target" (it's where the executable is written)
'-GERMAN', '-SPANISH', '-FRENCH' or '-ITALIAN' (without the ' and seperated by a 
blank). This will translate the text in the game to the corresponing language.

Example: (Default installation)
Game Icon points to: "c:program filespuzzle questpuzzle quest.exe" make it 
"c:program filespuzzle questpuzzle quest.exe" -FRENCH
in order to play the game in french.

Modifying assets outside of the game:
Try to edit lua/xml files at assets with notepad. you can increase XP, Gold 
rewards for quests, giving bonuses for items (i gave +20 dmg at my mirror armor),
changing capture puzzles, monsters details, spells like editing manas, cooldown 
times etc.

Skill Up Wisely:
On each new level you will get four skill points to spend on the attributes page
of your character and two points which you can spend within the temple (in your 
capitol). The trick is to spend the different points right. Increasing an attribute
on the attribute page will cost you between one and three points (depending on the 
attribute and your character class). Increasing an attribute in the temple will cost
you one point and some gold (depending on the attributes level). 
To maximize the effect of the skill points you increase the attributes which will 
cost you one skill point on the attributes page and all other attributes within the

Unlock three new areas when the game ends:
To unlock three new areas at the end of the game, free the sorcerer that Darkhunter
asks you to take to the red tower near the beginning of the game.

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