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  Hints and Tips for: Pyromasters 
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 Pyromasters Cheats


Submitted by: RAMNHELL

Get a skull (must get the continous bomb not the skull that make your moves
alternate) and a shield then dont move it will be wonderful try it.

Easy win on Fourway:
Submitted by: RM

Note: This only works when the teleporter in your starting corner is surrounded
by blocks of any kind. When the round begins, simply blast your way to the center
of the stage without disturbing the eight surrounding blocks around your teleporter.
The enemy(s) will move from teleporter to teleporter and will eventually become
et stuck in yours, as they cannot move. When the time expires and the stage starts
closing in, they will get crushed by the stage while you are secure in the center.

Submitted by: Silentsteps

Get two or more bombs, then get a shield upgrade and stand on one spot and just
keep laying your bombs down (don't move, your shield will hold for a while). Try
that the bomb stream will get HUGE, but don't do it forever your shield will break
sooner or later. Also if you find a teleporter upgrade then block off the exit that
way who ever is tele'd will die ^^. Good luck with your blasting.

Nobody wins:
Submitted by: sekou and zion

Well first you have to die and then when it says would you like to watch computers
fight press escape and the screen will go to main menu but the question screen will
still be on (it is a glitch) and on the question screen click no and it will be a 
draw it works every time.

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