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  Hints and Tips for: Racehorse Tycoon 
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 Racehorse Tycoon Cheats

Racehorse Tycoon

Submitted by: David K.

* To win short races select a horse and trainer that has good speed.

* To win longer races select a horse and trainer that has good fitness. 

* Jockeys can be dodgey and lose races on purpose. Select one that has
  good experience but not so dodgey.

* If your horse is not winning enough races, change the jockey and see
  if it improves. 

* Sometimes the easy races will make your bank balance grow quicker than
  trying to win the harder races that give top prize money.

Best Horse:
Submitted by: Horse lover 300

American Rocket is the best horse in the game, not Cat Food. The best Jockey
is Chips McCoy, and the best trainer is Harry Cheese. With this team you can 
get over $100,000.

Best Horse:
Submitted by: billy bob

Walking thunder is the best horse not cat or american rocket because walking
thunder is fast god on jumps and good stamina and good on everything.

To win races:
Submitted by: johnny

at the start of the game pick dog chaser as your horse ted edwards as jockey harry cheese 
as trainer ,beer as food,the istable,and the deluxe van this should win you a good few 
races if you pick the right races always pick the national....he will win it

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