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  Hints and Tips for: Race On 
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 Race On Cheats

Race On

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The 2009 release in the esteemed racing franchise, Race On comes with a
strong selection of new. challenging content, including the tracks and 
cars from WTCC season 2008 -- a racing event which turned out to be 
considered the best and most competitive championship ever. Developer 
SimBin has recreated the epic 2008 season down to the smallest detail 
and now YOU get the chance to show the world who the real champion is.
Jump in the car of your favorite racing driver and compete with the best
through 12 unique tracks located around the globe including Okayama. 
Race On also marks a new focus from SimBin with the inclusion of iconic 
Detroit Muscle cars suited for those who like to lay down lots of rubber
power sliding out of corners on the rev limiter. Enough torque to drag 
the moon off orbit, full opposite lock and a big grin on your face. To 
finish the new lineup SimBin brings you Formula Masters, a top of the 
line open wheel series, offering you even more speed and action than 
ever before. Extreme cornering speeds and simulated g-forces make this
a true driver's car. But Race On is not just new cars, it also features
brand new American tracks in SimBin quality and it comes with a hefty 
update of existing tracks to 2008 standard. With Race On comes 5 brand
new tracks all recreated down to minute detail.

* 16 unique car models in 8 classes with over 140 variations. 
* 12 tracks, of which several never has been released by SimBin on PC. 
* As a bonus the game also includes the complete "STCC The Game" (The 
  Swedish Touring Car Championship) which has previously only been 
  released in retail   stores in the Nordic territory and Russia. The 
  tight and technical Scandinavian circuits and the wide variety of 
  touring cars running in the series have already created a large following 
  so SimBin is happy to be able to offer this package to the rest of the 
  world including 7 Nordic tracks and 6 unique car models. 
* For current owners of GTR Evolution RACE On is designed to merge and 
  fully integrate with the existing GTR Evolution. Combined with RACE 07 
  content, this makes for a total of 39 unique car models in 17 classes 
  with over 450 variations, 30 tracks and 17 alternate layouts
  (in total 47 tracks.)

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