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  Hints and Tips for: Ragnarok 
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 Ragnarok Cheats


Unlimited continues:
Save and quit the game. Find the filenames "rag_save.000" and "sdata.000" 
(the first time you saved the game) and copy them to another folder. When 
your character perishes, exit the game, locate these files, and copy them 
back to the Ragnarok folder.

Slaeter's Sea: Artifact:
Read a Scroll Of Cartography and drink a Potion Of Depredation. When you 
see an amulet or armor, place your pointer on it as a marker. Go near the 
item and read a Scroll Of Lava Strike to get it.

Defeating Gymir:
Go to Jotenheim and find Gymir's small castle. Terraform the door into 
water. Start attacking him by using throwing weapons. He is not affected 
by wands. Alternately, summon a magical being to kill him in one strike.

Chaos: Artifact:
You need to have the Dimension Travel power and a grappling hook. Go to 
Chaos and drink a Potion Of Depredation. When you see an amulet or armor, 
place your pointer on it as a marker. Try to go near to that place and wait 
for the time until the armor or the amulet appears.

Wastelands: Artifact:
You need to have the Terraforming and Dimension Travel powers. Go to 
Wastelands and read a Scroll Of Cartography. Go near the volcano and 
terraform it into ground or another terrain to cancel its eruption. You 
can now find the artifact without haste.

Defeating Vidur:
Use a Wand Of Death at him. Be careful, because a Wand Of Death has a 
long range.

Resistance to petrification:
Find a Wand Of Wishing, use it, and wish for a "Dead Hel Dragon". 
Eat this and you will have resistance to petrification. 

Crypt: Artifact:
From ten meters underground, find the stairs leading down to twenty meters 
underground. Go down to the stairs and read a Scroll Of Cartography. You 
will see green stairs trapped in a wall. Dig to make a path and go down 
the stairs. When you enter a room and encounter some traps, the artifact 
is somewhere in that area.

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