Rakion - Chaos Force Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Rakion - Chaos Force 
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 Rakion - Chaos Force Cheats

Rakion - Chaos Force

Cheat Codes:
Update by: pokemongho
Submitted by: RM

Get 3 dragons:
Go to inventory/shop, then go to creatures and right-click on dragon 3 times.
3 dragons will appear in your box. 

Never take damage when falling:
Rapidly press the "Space Bar" while falling from high distance.

In starting game:

Password      Result
soulattack  - 50%exp for every kill
rungo       - faster attack speed
daniel      - 20000 gold for every kill

Cheat Codes:
Code           Result
/go 619      - 3 soul cannon
/go 258      - full gold and cash
soulattack   - get a 3 soulcannons
gold         - money
aptitudini   - experince
444555666    - fullchaos
make me rich - You will have lots of gold
0929239718   - one hit all enemies
kent         - Level upgrade

Rakion cheats:
Just follow the following code:

Code                  Result
soulattack          - 3 soul cannons
godmode             - not die
cash ang gold       - more gold ang cash
full gold ang cash  - full gold ang cash
exodus              - kill all enemy
i shall never die   - you will never die 

Update by: jerome

Press the alt+1 in actual game

Code    Result
alt+2 - all enemy will die
alt+3 - your weapon will be powerful
alt+4 - you will have infinite life
alt+5 - you will have a dragon
alt+6 - you will have a 10 k

Submitted by: patrick

make me rich /go 619 /go 258 /godmode exodus soulattack alt+1

Avoid falling damage:
Rapidly press [Space] while falling from a large height.

Submitted by: adrian

0929239718 /go258 godmode alt+4 alt+5 alt+3 soulattack rungo

Assorted Glitches:
= Gravity =
1. Elevators - When in an elevator on the gravity map, summoning naks can
block people for 30 seconds to a minute. Other types of cells can block, 
but they can sometimes block the summoner. Another elevator glitch is that
a running jump into the elevators at the spawn site can allow you to float
in the elevator for up to 10 seconds. This is especially useful for mages 
when trying to kill the gold golem using grenades or fireballs.

2. Whoah, wtf?? - on the second floor of gravity, a blacksmith or warrior 
can do a thrust of the left or right edges. If done PERFECTLY, you will 
land in one of the windows on the sides. This glitch will make you invincible
to everything but a chaos ranged attack. This is usually seen in boss wars.

3. Speed boost - when you thrust over small edges in most maps, you can get
a good speed boost that propels you through the air. In the center of the 
ground floor, a thrust over the ridges surrounding the top of the elevators
can send you 2/3 of the way across the map.

= Underground =
1. Whoah, wtf??: Take Two - Ninjas can run off the corners of the map and 
glide while facing the wall to be suspended above the lava. It is only done
by ninjas in boss wars most of the time. It can be countered by ranged attacks
or jump attacks that are carefully aimed.

= Covolt Peak = 
1. Centered - A thrust performed by a warrior or a blacksmith at the edge of
the ground floor can place them in the middle of the map. Furthermore, standing
on the exact middle can sometimes cause you to slide into a small crevice in 
the side of the map. If you continuously walk backwards in this location, you
are nearly invisible to your opponents, and blacksmiths who can shield and 
walk backwards, nearly invincible to everything but chaos ranged shots. 
This glitch is HARD to perform.

= Mammoth =
1. Speed boost - Jump on the broken tusk of the frozen mammoth and thrust 
to get a massive speed boost.

= Chaos Mage =
1. When fighting a golem, a mage in chaos mode can jump, wait half a second,
then left click to do an ice stack on the golem. This is similar to casting 
ice at an edge causing it to stack on an opponent.

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