Rapala Pro Fishing Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Rapala Pro Fishing 
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 Rapala Pro Fishing Cheats

Rapala Pro Fishing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

1.Start the game.
2.Load a Profile or Create a New Profile.
3.Hit the Tilde Key ( ~ ), which is usually above your TAB key, 
  to open the Console.
4.Enter your codes. The Tilde Key takes you back to the game.

Code                    Effect
UnlockAllItems Unlock - All Tackle Box Items
UnlockAllTours Unlock - All Tournament Fishing Locations

Longer casting:
Set your reel sensitivity to "High" for longer casting.

Atlantic Grayling and Muskie:
Atlantic Grayling love the Countdown in silver/gold/trout colors.

King Salmon:
The King Salmon love the Silver Long Cast Minnow. 

Use the Silver Huskey Jerk.

Rainbow Trout:
Use the Tail Dancer in Hot Chub for Rainbow Trout. 

Silver Salmon:
Use the DD Husky Jerk Silver.

Use the Silver Huskey Jerk.

Lake Okeechobee 2: Recommended lure: 
The best lure to use for Bass and Crappie is the Rattlin' Rapala Red Crawdad. 
Use a slow reeling technique.

Sacramento River: Recommended lure: 
When fishing for Striped Bass in the Sacramento River, cast the Jointed Clown
lure out as far as you can. Just let it sit at the top of the water. You do not
have to do anything, and eventually a Striper will come along and nail it.

Table Rock: Recommended lures:
The best lures to use at Table Rock in the Bass Challenge are the Taildancer
Shad and Lime Frog Skitter Pop. You will catch a lot of small ones, but there
are some big ones also in the lake. 

Catching fish:
The best way to catch fish is to go to the grassy areas and cast out long from 
your boat. For King Salmon, cast out near a waterfall with the long silver
minnow lure.

Floater lure:
When fishing for Striped Bass, use the floater lure (shining recommended). This 
works very well because the fish come from the bottom and snatch it.

Silver Salmon:
Make sure your drag is at 3 and use the heaviest line available with a heavy
rod for better leverage. Keep tension on the line when the salmon runs out. 
When he runs in, keep holding tension until he gets to the edge of the blue.
Then, pull up to adjust the tension. On fast runs, you have to just hope that
the salmon changes direction. To land the salmon in the boat, pull toward the
side or rear part of the boat. Do not pull up. You cannot tire the fish out.

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