Rayman Forever Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Rayman Forever 
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 Rayman Forever Cheats

Rayman Forever

Cheat Codes:
Enter the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: Numbers must be entered using the top row of keys.

Result                    Code
5 lives                 - kom0ogdk
99 lives                - trj8p or raylives  
10 more Tings           - 86e40g91  
Breakout mini-game      - b76b7081  
Golden power fist       - 2x2rmfmf or goldfist  
Go to next map          - o8feh  
All normal powers       - en5gol2g or power  
Full power              - raypoint  
Access all six worlds   - 4ctrepfj  

Cheat mode (alternate):
Hold [Tab] and enter one the following codes during game 
play to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Result                            Code 
Full energy                     - points  
See all gold coins              - goldens  
5 extra lives                   - lives05 [Backspace]  
20 extra lives                  - lives20 [Backspace]  
50 extra lives                  - lives50 [Backspace]  
Free movement using cursor keys - moveray [Backspace]

Hold [Tab] and enter the following codes at the indicated screen at activate the 
corresponding cheat function. 

-=Indicated screen: Map=-

Effect                                           Code
Play mini-game; unlocked after game completion - olivier or cbray
Play different mini game                       - cbrayal
Lens effect                                    - lens
Acquire all powers at start of level           - benoit or power
Level select                                   - Francois, alworld, or alevel
Set 100MHz refresh Rate                        - freq10
set 80MHz refresh rate                         - freq80

-=Indicated screen: Gameplay=-

Effect                                          Code
99 lives; does not work for level 18           - bertrand or raylives
Maximum hitpoints; does not work for level 18  - christ or raypoint
All powers; does not work for level 18         - benoit or power
Gold fist                                      - antoine or goldfist
+10 Tings; maximum 99, does not work level 18  - jojo or raywiz
Level skip                                     - cyril or winmap
Toggle free movement                           - [backspace]overay
Toggle special message display                 - program

Free life trophy:
Submitted by: cheatsbook

Note: This glitch only effects the game when played under Windows 95 and is only 
found in the Original Rayman portion of the game. Acquire the grabbing fist from
Bettila the Fairy, then go to the fifth stage in Bongo Hills. When you reach the
photographer, instead of going right to finish the level, jump as far left as you
can. You will land on a platform. Continue moving left until you see several 
platforms leading upward. Instead of going up, jump down until you land on a 
platform with three free lives in a pile. Punch the one on the bottom right and 
your grabbing fist will not bring it back to you. Instead, you will obtain a free
life and the free life trophy will remain in the same place. 
Note: This only works two times.

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