Realms of Arkania - Blades of Destiny Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Realms of Arkania - Blades of Destiny 
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 Realms of Arkania - Blades of Destiny Cheats

Realms of Arkania - Blades of Destiny

Extra money:
Go to Runinshaven island, the island south of Ljasdal with the cult. Once there, 
a cave can be found by traveling. On the first floor of the cave is a donation 
bowl. Enter 999999 and you will receive money instead of donating it.

Hint - Easy experience:
If you are having problems gaining levels in Realms of Arkania:Blade of Destiny,
here is an easy way to gain some.  In Prem, there is a secret cavern. In the 
central-northern part of town, the hidden cavern is at the end of a short road.
When you step on the right space, a screen with the door will appear. Every time
you leave the cavern, you will gain about 400 experience. By entering and leaving
the cavern, you can gain a few levels quickly. Make sure you have high energy 
though; cave-ins occasionally occur. This may work with other caves, but I haven't 
tested it yet.

Girdle of Strength Glitch:
Change which hand the Girdle of Strength is in repeatedly to increase your strength 
by five points each time. Don't overdo it or you'll die.

What you need to finish the game:
At least you need 7 parts of the treasure map to find the Blade of Destiny and the 
attack plan from the Orcs, which can be find in the orcish cave between Skelellen 
and Phexcaer. With this attack plan your group is able to find the Orc-Camp between
Phexcar and the lonely lake where the anchorite lives. You still have enough time 
to find 8 pieces of the map. Finding the ninth part depends on a random encounter 
and cannot always be discovered. When you get the message that something on the 
map can be decrypted you'll have enough parts to find Hyggelik and Grimring. 

Not later than 2 years and 10 months after beginning you need to get to the Orc-Camp 
and defeat the Orc-Champion, otherwise the game is over. The date when the orcs will 
raid the land is(in the german version) the 27th Peraine, 17 Hal. When you have 
Grimring and the attack plan you can dally around but always keep an eye on the 

Unlimited strength:
Constan switch the hand that is holding the Girdle Of Strength to increase that 
character's strength by five points. Note: Doing this too much will result in a 
negative value and death.

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