Real Space 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Real Space 2 
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 Real Space 2 Cheats

Real Space 2

How to shoot ALWAYS!:
Submitted by: tonana

(by the way, I didn't submit the invunerable cheat because 50 percent of the time, 
it doesn't work, I didn't submit the distroy all enemies cheat because I only know 2 
letters in it!)  Ok, to shoot ALWAYS, and don't get your hand hurtin', Just hold the 
spacebar down, instead of pressing it and pressing it!
I hope I've been a big help for real space 2 players!

How to survive first intro:
Submitted by: tonana

All you have to do is keep on typing fix while the intro is running.  90% of the time
(by doing this)  you'll make it out in rough shape (in the hardest difficulty mode) 
9.9% of the time, you'll make it out in pretty good shape. (meaning you have all your 
outposts, there's no way all your ships will make it through that intro) and .1% of 
the time, you die! Well hope you're part of the 99.9% that survives!!!

How to win the game (easiest thing in the world):
Submitted by: tonana

-to skip the level you're on, type kat while playing. do this until you get to the last 
lvl (apocolypse then, or something like that)

-to fix all your ships, type fix while youre playing, but ships will still get distroyed, 
it takes a long time to heal

-once youre on the last lvl, just sit back and watch your ships distroy the **** out of 
the United Fleet.  Dont get yourself killed though! 

-on the last lvl, you don't even need to type fix all the time.  You have enough ships to survive.

All 4 cheats:
Submitted by: King Kundi

Fix = your life meter will be filled and other ships(excluding enemys) in your area will be healed
kat = skip a level (there are 10 levels)
bake= invincebility
Fry kills all enemys on your radar

Hope this is usefull! These codes can be used in gameplay, and in the intro!

in Apocalyps now(Spelling?) just stay there and your ships will automatically destroy them. 
Or you can press fry.
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