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  Hints and Tips for: Red Faction 
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 Red Faction Cheats

Red Faction

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider
Update by: Sean & Lydia McMahan

When playing Single-Player, press the tilde (~) button 
and type in any of the following codes:

Code            Result
vivalahelvig  - Invulnerability
bighugmug     - Full Ammo/All weapons
heehoo        - Fly Mode
kill          - Suicide
camera1       - switch camera modes
camera2       - switch camera modes
camera3       - switch camera modes

NOTE: In certain parts of the game, invulnerabilty may 
switch off when moving into a new area.

Getting items:
When Hendrix first starts talking to you, go down the catwalk away from 
the APC. There should be a tunnel that leads to a miner and guard fighting. 
Shoot that guard then shoot the one at the elevator. Stand in front of the 
elevator and face the wall behind it. Look up slightly to see a hole. Enter 
the hole and at the end is a pond or lake. At the bottom of the pond is a 
miner's body, health, and an Environment Suit. 

Submitted by: Andy
E-mail :

If possibal try and sneak on your opponents or if they are shooting at you
then run as close as you can to them [even in the open]but right in front of
him is better if possible.If he is snipering you then sniper him or dodge him.

Destroying turrets:
Equip remote mines or a rocket launcher. Then, use heat seeking mode to lock
on to the turret. Fire away and blast the turret easily. Note: If you are low
on rockets and have remote mines, then use them on ceiling turrets. 

Avoid detection:
In the single player game, there are two locations where you have to be stealthy. 
One is when you pretend you are a businessman and the other is when you have to 
pretend to be a scientist. To make it easier to avoid detection from guards or 
other pedestrians, always look down or away from people. No one will learn your 
identity until you look them in the face. 

Defeating Mendoza:
When the battle starts, take out the flyer which Mandoza is inside with two 
shots from the raildriver. When she exits, use all your remaining raildriver 
shots to weaken her shield. Then take out your machine gun and fire as many 
times as needed to take out her shield. Afterwards, use the machine gun on 
her again. She will be defeated very soon.

Saving ammunition:
When you have remote explosives, do not use up ammo for your other weapons. It 
only takes one to a few remote explosives to take out enemies. When you start 
the game and get to the part where you see the four troopers and the enemy APC, 
throw a bomb down by the APC. Detonate it and the bomb will blow a huge hole 
in the ground. If done correctly, the APC will fall in and explode when it hits 
bottom. Take advantage of the geo-modification of this game. 
This also works with groups of enemy soldiers. 

Sniper rifle:
Immediately before the abandoned mines is an elevator that goes down toward the 
abandoned mines. When you go down there, you will find a ladder next to you. When 
the elevator stops, before it hits the bottom of the pit, grab the ladder and 
climb up until you reach a hole with some bushes in it. Enter the hole to find 
a Sniper Rifle and some bullets. 

Easy kills:
Throw a remote mine on an enemy. If it hits, they will scream and run around 
instead of shooting you. Let them run around and eventually they will try to 
find guards. When they do, detonate the bomb to get two or more frags for one. 

Secret Video:  
1)Either open the Red Faction CD number 2, or the Red Faction folder on your 
  hard drive if you did a full installation. 

2)Open the Data folder. 

3)Open the Movies folder. 

4)There should be a file called: "technochunk.exe". It should have a "Bink 
  Video" icon. Double-click on this file and a secret video will start playing.
  It has some Red Faction enemies and other characters dancing to some music, 
  with an explosive finale :) 

Easter Egg:
On CD2 in data/movies there's a hilarious Bink Video .exe file.

Bouncing rocket:
Get to the section where the announcer is saying "Mine M4 will be sealed in five
minutes" after the part where you crossed the bridge (which you can destroy) that
had the assault vehicle and soldiers. While you are taking the elevator up, fire 
a rocket at the top of the elevator shaft. As long as you cannpt see the top of 
the shaft, the rocket will come flying back down at you.

Strong guards:
When you first meet Capek, there will also be two guards with submachine guns 
there. Enable the vivalahelvig code. Throw a remote detonation bomb at one of 
the guards so that it attaches onto him. He will run around screaming as usual
until you detonate the bomb. After this is done, he will not die but instead 
continue running around screaming. This also happens to the other guard.
Note: It takes two bombs or just a gun to gill those guards.

Lobby: Secret roof area:
Go to the second level of the Lobby multi-player level and grab the rocket launcher.
Walk over to the edge of the balcony and start shooting up towards the wall facing 
the lobby itself. After enough shots you will dig a tunnel to the roof. Walk through
and jump right up. You can shoot out the glass and snipe people down on the second 
level. There also is a Fusion Rocket Launcher that you can grab.

Unlimited remote charges:
For those who don't like cheating very much, here is a trick for remote charges. 
plant the remote charge, and press the use key to pick it up again. Now you've 
picked up 2 remote charges. keep doing that and you'll be at 21. you can get 
anywhere in the game with explosives. for example, in the canyon where you'll find
the first mercenarys, you can see a cable above you somewhere. blow some holes in 
the rock and you'll have 'stairs' as I call can climb further to the top 
and there is the cable car.

Nice bonus:
Submitted by: Ian

Somewhere near Capek's "zoo", there's one room in underground, what has crack in it. 
If you shoot it, it will reveal a tunnel. If you go through, you'll walk ing big room 
with rock in the middle, which is marked by light. If you step into the light, your health 
will be healed to 100. Additionaly, in this room is also fusion rocket launcher, what is 
otherwise acquired much, much later.


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