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  Hints and Tips for: Red Hell 
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 Red Hell Cheats

Red Hell

Game tips:
Submitted by: rickHH

This game will run very slowly if your disk is fragmented, so it
would be a good idea to optimize it.  Remember that if you cease
playing and then mess about with other programs, you\'ll have to
optimize your disk again; so, if you are foolhardy enough to play
this game at all, I recommend to do it at a sitting.  It can be done.

So get yourself a packet of tranquilizers and prepare for a
challenge.  In order to get anywhere in this game, you must learn
the motions.  Try and get used to using the function keys F6 and F8
to toggle between the boot and the hand icons, since at times you
have to act so fast, you don\'t have the leisure to use the mouse.

Always get close to the item you want to see before you use the eye
icon on it.  Once you have the thing in the fore of the screen you
can use the hand icon to do whatever.  If you need to use another
item, click on it first, and then click on wherever you want to use

To manoeuvre the guy, remember that clicking around this shoulders
will make him move away, whereas clicking anywhere under his knees
will bring him towards you.  If you find you can\'t move him at all,
move him a little to one side and try again.

When I say move \"up\" I mean bring the character towards you.  
When I say move \"down\" I mean take the character away from you.

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