RedJack - Revenge of the Brethren Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: RedJack - Revenge of the Brethren 
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 RedJack - Revenge of the Brethren Cheats

RedJack - Revenge of the Brethren

I want to become a pirate!!:     
So you want to find your way, and become a pirate, well 
let's start speaking with the people in the village, and 
especially Captain Liberty who is in the village pub.

I'm looking for a sword:
The sword is in the cave under the lighthouse, you can go 
there with the small boat ,that you'll find on the beach , 
or entering the lighthouse from the village and then opening 
the trapdoor on the floor, the sword is in the chest and 
you'll find a pistol and a letter.After that close the 
chest and speak with the old man.
How to kill the shark:
For killing the shark you will need to speak with the 
fisherman in the village and ask about how to kill sharks, 
he will give you some fish, now go in front of the village 
pub turn around(left path) and enter the backdoor of the 
pub, inside look for the rat poison on the shelves. 
Open your inventory chest and combine the poison with the 
fish's:now go to the beach and take the boat, open your 
inventory and right click and hold on the poisoned fish 
and move it out from the chest.(short movie) and the shark 
will die.

How to prove that I have kill it?:
The prove is the tooth. On the beach you will find the 
body of the shark, click on it and look for the tooth 
in his mouth.

How to get trained with the sword?:
You will need the help of the man who is hiding on the 
beach, speak with him, then try to return to the village, 
you'll be attacked, and the man will save you, so now you'll 
need to find some ale for him.Go to the pub and ask the 
bartender, return to him and he will tell you that he can 
help you.Return to the village and go to the harbor turn 
right and at the end you will find him.Ask about defense 
attack and dodge, after you have tried some time ask to 
fight the master.If you make a good fight he will help you 
with the Captain.
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