Red Planet Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Red Planet 
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 Red Planet Cheats

Red Planet

Cheat Codes:
1 Find all visible items urself.
2 Beam up/down in the transporter.
3 To read martian, use ur decoder to DECODE it.

hare krishna      - shoot.
priest            - give salami, then shoot.
canal             - swim.
worm              - shoot. dig sand with spade.
rat               - feed it poison.
bird              - drop blaster. throw net.
ridge             - climb.
orb               - break with sledge hammer. examine trumpet (x=272829)
tree              - tie rope to hook, throw hook. climb rope. Fix sunship with gear.
maze              - decode writing on slabs for direction.
underground drain - pump drain. break glass with sledge hammer. Push statue.
rift              - jump.
cliff             - examine cliff (y=x+1810). fly sunship.
mountain door     - open with 27,46,39. get uranium by lighting 
                    fuse of dynamite. transport all ore but gold by sunship.
                    for gold, throw it from the summit & pick it up from the base
                    of the cliff.
1st-aid kit       - cut tape with scalpel.
Radiation area in space-ship - unlock door with glowing key in the 
                               foot locker. eat anti radiation pill & 
                               fill power cell with uranium.

Push red button at the computer.
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