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  Hints and Tips for: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 
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 Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Cheats

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Disarmed" achievement:
You can farm Revenants' weapon arms at the end of Episode 1 in Barry's campaign. You
will have to inspect a large yellow gate as part of the story (unmissable). The gate
is locked, and upon inspecting it you will be ambushed by several Revenants. Only two 
of them have a weapon arm. The game only counts the arms with a big blade as "weapon 
arms." There are also enemies that have a little sword or spike on their arm, but they
do not count for this achievement. The difference between normal "attack arms" and 
"weapon arms" is that the weapon arms take multiple shots to be destroyed. Use the  
Assault Rifle to dismember them quickly. The first enemy that ambushes you (breaks 
through a fence) has an arm with a blade and there is another one in the cabin on the
other side of the area. It is random in which room of the cabin you will find the 
Revenant with the weapon arm. After destroying both of their arms, you can restart 
the checkpoint and repeat the process. Each run will take roughly one minute. You 
will get the "Disarmed" achievement after approximately 15 minutes of farming.

Easy "Fish In A Barrel" achievement:
A great place to get the "Fish In A Barrel" achievement is Episode 1 in Claire's
campaign, during the "Escape from the facility" objective. You will have to go 
down to a basement to retrieve a key. In the room where you find the key is also 
an explosive bottle. Use the key on the locked door in the basement, and you will
come to a room with a lot of small bugs/spiders (you reach this room through story
progression and it is unmissable). Immediately after entering, go to the middle of
the room and throw the explosive bottle to easily kill more than five of the bugs 
-- but you must be quick enough or your teammate will kill them. You can restart 
the checkpoint if it did not work on the first try.

Easy "Line 'Em Up!" achievement:
This can easily be done with Barry in Episode 1. One of his starting weapons is the
Magnum Python. It kills almost everything in one shot, and the bullets penetrate 
through multiple targets standing behind one another. Line up two enemies, and 
shoot them with the Magnum Python to get the "Line 'Em Up!" achievement. There are
several enemies in the garage near the start of Barry's campaign. There are also
some sneaking passages shortly thereafter where the enemies are standing still.

Raid mode unlockables:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Cipher (hologram) : Earn 90 Completion Medallions in Raid mode.
Gabe              : Successfully complete Episode 2.
Jill Valentine    : Earn 10 Completion Medallions in Raid mode.
Leon Kennedy      : Earn 20 Completion Medallion in Raid mode.
Pedro             : Successfully complete Episode 2.

Easy "Pedal to the Metal" achievement:
Practice the level until you are skilled with where the crate needs to be moved and 
how to solve the puzzles. Have at least one playthrough of the level under the normal
difficulty setting. At the final fight, kill both enemies that spawn in the area, 
then turn around and get the crate near the elevator. Move it as close to the power 
box as possible before the ambush is triggered. During the ambush, kill the various 
Revenant and Hurlers that appear, but ignore the Dhurlga. It will be very easy to 
lead him away from the box, return and start the power, then run through the gate 
to complete the level. Although it is not a difficult battle, under this difficulty
you will expend a lot of ammunition and not have had the time to build resources 
during the other sections.

General Tips:
* Don't use healing herbs until you really need to, as there are only so many to find 
  in each episode. 
* Also keep an eye out on your ammo; save your best weapons for the tougher enemies.
* Remember than you can do a quick 180 degree turn when you find yourself cramped in 
  tight spaces.
* Keep an eye out for items and collectibles, especially the custom parts that allow 
  you to upgrade weapons.
* Natalia's special ability is great for a stealthier approach, so use it often to 
  get the jump on enemies.
* Remember to shine Moira's flashlight to reveal objects on shelves and in corners.
* Focus on one character in Raid mode at first to become familiar with it and to 
  obtain more skills/upgrades.
* Kill all enemies in Raid mode to get an experience bonus at the end of a level. 
* It's always good to have a combination of close-range and long-range weapons in Raid
  mode, so consider a handgun/shotgun combo or something similar.

Item Combinations:
Alcohol + Empty Bottle          = Firebomb Bottle.
Cloth + Alcohol                 = Disinfectant.
Cloth + Green Herb              = Tourniquet.
Gunpowder + Empty Bottle        = Explosive Bottle.
Odorous Chemical + Empty Bottle = Decoy Bottle.
Smoke Powder + Empty Bottle     = Smokebomb Bottle.

Rocket Launcher:
You'll unlock the Rocket Launcher if you complete all of the episodes with a total 
time of less than 3 hours.

How to Change Inventory Key:
Written by Isaias

In this guide i will show you how to change your inventory key from “T” to “Tab”, 
you can also use this guide to change other greyed-out keybinds.

-=Finding the File=-
* Press the windows key and type "%appdata%" and press enter, doing this will 
  open a file called "Roaming"
* Go “up” to “AppData”, from here, enter a file called "Local",then "CAPCOM", 
* You should be seeing a single file called "config".
* Open the file.

-=Editing the File=-
When you open the file look for "CallInventory=46" without the quotation marks, 
and change the "46" to "2", 
it should look like this:


-=Side note=-
The game may tell you that the keybind to skip cutscenes is "T", it isnt if 
you changed the keybind to "TAB", then you skip cutscenes with "TAB".

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