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  Hints and Tips for: Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City 
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 Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City Cheats

Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City

How To get an S+ rank:
Submitted by: MaziD

To get an S+ rank, you must meet certain requirements. Ranking is awarded based on 
five factors: difficulty, kills, collectibles found, number of deaths, and par time. 
It is also based on whether you are playing alone or with other players. Playing a
lone means you will have less stringent requirements than playing with others. Before 
starting a stage, look at the requirements for the Kills/Collectibles/Deaths/Time. 
There is a set amount you must achieve for the S rank. You must play the game on the 
Professional difficulty to get an S+ rank. Reaching each of the pars will get the S 
rank. To get the S+ rank, you must exceed all four settings. For examples, you will 
need to score more kills than listed, discover more collectibles than listed, not 
die at all, and finish the level earlier than the par time. Additionally, you must 
beat the par time by five minutes in certain circumstances.
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Collectible locations:
Submitted by: MaziD

Search the indicated locations to find all seven raccoon mascots:

Mission: Containment-

After going down some steps, you will enter a large room with some sofas and server 
banks behind them. Check the back left corner, behind the servers, to find the mascot. 
You will find it before entering William Birkin's lab.

Mission: Corruption-

After passing through a room full of statues and using the main computer, you will go 
up to the second floor of the police station. From the balcony, continue forward while 
killing zombies. Straight from the double doors you just exited, you will find another 
set of closed double doors across the room. Open the doors to enter a new stairwell. 
Go up the stairs to find the mascot on the floor.

Mission: Lights Out-

Inside the park, while collecting EMP devices from the UBCS Mercs, follow the right 
wall as you go through the area to reach a large sewer drain. The mascot is just to 
the right of the barred entrance.

Mission: Gone Rogue-

After entering a large chamber full of green bio-tanks on rails, you will reach a 
central cylinder where the tanks are being shuffled through before the facility shuts 
down. Follow the left side around the central cylinder to find an opening inside. 
Go between the tanks to find the mascot at the dead-end.

Mission: Expendable-

Inside Chief Iron's office, down the hall with the stuffed tiger, you will be ordered 
to destroy more evidence. Once the evidence is destroyed, look on the cabinets to 
find the mascot in plain sight.

Mission: Redemption-

During the elevator ride, wait for your second stop. On this floor, search the 
backroom to find the mascot.

Mission: End Of The Line-

Towards the end of the mission, you will see a group of zombies on one side of a fence. 
Wait for the zombies to break the fence down. There is a ladder nearby you must climb 
up, but do not climb it yet. Instead, circle right around the train to find the mascot 
at the end.

Unlock Spec Ops Mode:
Once you beat the game, you can choose "Campaign" and then "Free Mission" to select 
the newly available Spec Ops mode.

Easy XP Gain:
An easy way to gain quick XP to unlock guns and more abilities is to start out with Vector
and gain his item vision passive ability. It will show you all the data in the world, pick
them up and turn them into the laptops and you get 50 XP for each one, on top of this if 
you collect a certain ammount (usually 20) then at the end of the mission you get another
XP bonus.

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