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 Revelations 2012 Cheats

Revelations 2012

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement          How to unlock
Bejeweled          - Finding all crystals.
Blade of Craziness - Kill a Vixen using only the blade of the weapon.
Blade of Honor     - Kill every minion using only the blade of the weapon.
Blade of Spells    - Kill a Priestess using only the blade of the weapon.
Blade of Steel     - Kill a Warrior using only the blade of the weapon.
Brainiac           - Solve 2012 puzzles.
Color Code         - Kill all minions with each crystal.
Crazy Witch        - Kill a Vixen after her cycle is complete.
Death Blade        - Kill a Demonoid using only the blade of the weapon.
Don't Fall Down    - Survive a level without being incapacitated.
Flash              - Complete a level in a certain amount of time.
Flight Grounded    - Kill a Priestess in the air.
Hide and Seek      - Find all the God glyphs.
IK                 - Find the glyph that represents God of the Wind, Divine 
Invincible         - Beat all levels without dying.
Iron Jaw           - Don't let Ixtab uppercut you.
IXTAB              - Find the glyph that represents Goddess of the noose.
Jaguar Paw         - Take no damage through ballcourt.
Jump rope Champion - Jump over Kukulkan's tail swipe everytime.
Keep Rolling       - Make it through the rolling rocks.
KUKULKAN           - Find the glyph that represents the Feathered Serpent.
Laser Happy        - Kill 10,000 minions with the laser.
Level 1            - Survive the Winds of Destruction campaign.
Level 2            - Survive the Feast of the Serpentine campaign.
Level 3            - Survive the Suicidal Actions campaign.
Lucky S.O.B.       - Go through a level without taking any friendly fire.
No Bad Pot         - Shoot all the good pots without shooting the bad pots.
No Love            - Complete a level without collecting any hearts.
No Love Tunnel     - Get off the boat during the ride.
One Stop Shot      - Make 1,000 headshot kills.
Rope Burn          - Survive the Suicidal Actions campaign on expert.
Scaredy Casts      - Kill a Priestess before she casts.
Skull Collector    - Collect all Skulls.
Snake Bite         - Survive the Feast of the Serpentine campaign on expert.
Steady Hand        - Go through a level causing no friendly fire.
Suit of Armor      - Go through a level without taking any damage.
The Place to Be    - Don't get sucked into IK's black hole.
Training Complete  - Defeat all levels.
Twisted            - Survive the Winds of Destruction campaign on expert.	
What a Pussy Cat   - Kill 100 minions while on top of the tallest building.
What an Idiot      - Use no crystals to complete a level.
Wind Blown         - Don't get hit by the tornadoes.

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