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 Ride to Hell - Retribution Cheats

Ride to Hell - Retribution

Submitted by: Rick.HH

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

To Hell and Back (100 points)      - Complete all other achievements.
Gang Wars (10 points)              - Defeat 10 Devil's Hand enemies.
Master of Massacre (20 points)     - Defeat 500 Devil's Hand enemies.
Anger Management (10 points)       - Perform a Rage Attack on foot.
Road Rage (10 points)              - Perform 10 Rage Attacks on bike.
Hands On (10 points)               - Perform a kill with every type of melee weapon.
Target Practice (10 points)        - Get 3 A Grades at the gun range.
Lead Heads (10 points)             - Kill 50 enemies with Headshots.
Taking the Initiative (10 points)  - Perform a Dirty Fighting Technique attack.
Wheelie Good (10 points)           - Perform an S Grade Wheelie.
Get Some Air (10 points)           - Perform an S Grade Jump.
Slide It In (10 points)            - Perform an S Grade Powerslide.
Wheelie God (20 points)            - Perform 10 S Grade Wheelies.
Flying High (20 points)            - Jump a total of 1000 feet.
Slip and Slide (20 points)         - Perform 10 S Grade Powerslides.
Lock & Load (20 points)            - Purchase 5 Weapons.
Mr. Nice Guy (10 points)           - Save a girl.
Ladies Man (30 points)             - Save every girl being harassed.
Bookworm (30 points)               - Purchase all the Manuals.
My Prescription (30 points)        - Sell one of every drug type.
Card Shark (10 points)             - Collect a Playing Card.
Card Collector RED (20 points)     - Collect all the cards in the red deck.
Card Collector BLUE (20 points)    - Collect all the cards in the blue deck.
Painting the Town (20 points)      - Unlock all Bike Paints.
Art Appreciation (20 points)       - Unlock all Bike Artwork.
Sweet Ride (20 points)             - Unlock all Bike Parts.
Unfinished Business (10 points)    - Complete the opening sequence.
The Bigger They Are.. (30 points)  - Defeat Anvil.
Killing Cowboys (30 points)        - Defeat Colt.
Right Hook For Meathook (30 points)- Defeat Meathook.
Explosive Endings (30 points)      - Defeat Greasy Steve.
Carpenter (30 points)              - Defeat Triple 6.
Holy Ghost (30 points)             - Defeat King Dick.
Pretty No More (30 points)         - Defeat Pretty Boy.
Bloody Retribution (30 points)     - Defeat Caesar.
Easy Rider (80 points)             - Complete the game on the Easy Rider difficulty setting.
Badass Biker (80 points)           - Complete the game on the Badass Biker difficulty setting.
One Percenter (80 points)          - Complete the game on the One Percenter difficulty setting.

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