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  Hints and Tips for: Rime 
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 Rime Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Magical Fox Puzzle:
Stand near the big white statue and you will see four paths ahead 
from left to right. All these leads to the four light pillars. The
first one from left starts with two tiny bushes, counting from 
there from the left you can easily see these 4 paths.

-=First Path=-
At the extreme left near tiny trees you will find the first path. 
You will have to jump in the water and swim towards the light, 
you can climb up from the right side.

-=Second Path=-
On the top, you will find a hog blocking your path, turn around 
and collect a fruit from the tree, you will find a few more hogs
around, throw that at the front of hog and pass the animal to 
reach the statue. Shout to release its power.

-=Third Path=-
You will need to cross a few mountains for this. As the path 
ends and you will see a slope take a right turn. The white path
on the floor will end. walk through the narrow edges of the 
mountain and jump on another side. Climb up further ahead. you 
will have to jump and move by clinging from edges ahead. use the
roots to climb further up till you reach the top. Run towards 
the pillar where you will find the statue.

-=Fourth Path=-
This one is the easiest, just run ahead and you will reach the 

Use objects:
There are some places where you will stuck but there is way to 
get out from there. There is a sea blue colored object around, 
these can be like statues. You can either scream at the statue.
A next object you will find randomly in some levels is a glowing
ball kept in a mouth of fishes like structure, you will have to 
use these objects to get through the puzzle. When you keep that 
ball on ground and shout it will burst into flames of light. At 
the start there is once a fruit that will be used to distract 
the piggy. The keys required to open some doors will be shining
in golden color, you can collect them to use later. Do remember
to yell or sing in the front all the object or painting that 
have the glowing colored light as they will be very helpful in 
order to collect trophies.

Dive in the water:
Many times to reach a desired destination you will have to dive 
in water. Dive deeper and search around if there is water. It 
will help you to locate your next path. Once the boy loose oxygen
you will see the area around the screen will turn darker. To get 
oxygen there are some pipe like corals in the water with huge 
bubbles burst into them and you will get oxygen. 
Do this whenever required.

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