Rise Of Nations - Rise Of Legends Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Rise Of Nations - Rise Of Legends 
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 Rise Of Nations - Rise Of Legends Cheats

Rise Of Nations - Rise Of Legends

Cheat Codes:

Add Units and Buildings:
Add units by pressing Enter then typing "/cheat add." The following 
units can be added by entering the codes below:

Unit                   Name code 
Eagle bomber        - /cheat add eagle bomber
Caraven             - /cheat add caraven
Glass horror        - /cheat add glass horror
God of death        - /cheat add czin
Sun god             - /cheat add Xil
Unholy ark          - /cheat add unholy ark
Fallen Priest       - /cheat add fallen priest
Siege elephant      - /cheat add siege elephant
Death sphere        - /cheat add death sphere
Scout eye           - /cheat add scout eye
Hallucination       - /cheat add chicken hallucination
Moon Sentinel       - /cheat add moon sentinel
Obelisk             - /cheat add obelisk
Moon jackal         - /cheat add moon jackal
Sun idol            - /cheat add sun idol
Fallen snake        - /cheat add fallen snake
Elite Sun idol      - /cheat add elite sun idol
Death snake         - /cheat add death snake
Elite death snake   - /cheat add elite death snake
Sun jaguar          - /cheat add sun jaguar
Glass scorpion      - /cheat add glass scorpion
Glass cannon        - /cheat add glass cannon
Thuran              - /cheat add thuran
Sand drag           - /cheat add sand drag
Master fire golem   - /cheat add master fire golem
Fire element        - /cheat add fire element
Glass spider        - /cheat add galss spider
Scavenger Boss      - /cheat add scavenger boss
Andromolek          - /cheat add andromolek
Carlina             - /cheat add carlina
Dark                - /cheat add dark
Dark walker         - /chaet add dark walker
Damanhur            - /cheat add damanhur
Dakhla              - /cheat add dakhla
Yontash             - /cheat add Yontash
Glass heart seeker  - /cheat add glass heart seeker
Silena              - /cheat add silena
Fire heart seeker   - /cheat add fire heart seeker
Sawu                - /cheat add sawu
Fire drag           - /cheat add fire drag
Mega fire golem     - /cheat add mega fire golem
Turrets             - /cheat add turrets
Shok                - /cheat add shok
Czin                - /cheat add Czin
Super               - /cheat add Super
Flying desertlizard - /cheat add flying desert lizard
Queen Salamander    - /cheat add Queen salamander

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:  ARUN KRISHNA BHAT.N
Email :

Press [Enter] during game play, then type one of the following codes.

Unit names:
Use one of the following entries with the /cheat add code. 

Unit Name             code 
Temple of rain     - /cheat add rain temple
Giacomo            - /cheat add 1 Giacomo
doges hammer       - /cheat add doges hammer
elder glass golem  - /cheat add mega glass golem
elder salamander   - /cheat add elder
false idol         - /cheat add false idol
fire golem         - /cheat add master fire golem
lava spider        - /cheat add lava
clock work man     - /cheat add super
super jugernaut    - /cheat add super jugger
turrets            - /cheat add turrets
sawu hero          - /cheat add sawu
dark alin troops   - /cheat add dark
Ix's temple        - /cheat add 1 moon temple
Andromolek         - /cheat add 1 Andromolek
Arri               - /cheat add 1 Arri
Carlini            - /cheat add 1 Carlini
Marid              - /cheat add Marid
Sun jaguar         - /cheat add sun jaguar
Kuk Fighter bomber - /cheat add Kuk Fighter Bomber
Temple             - /cheat add temple
Scout eye          - /cheat add Scout Eye
Storm disk         - /cheat add Storm Disk
Shrine             - /cheat add shrine

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press [Enter] during game play, then type one of the following codes. 

Result                                Code	
Add mana to the hero                - /cheat mana [hero name]+[number]
Remove mana from hero               - /cheat mana [hero name]-[number]
Add resources                       - /cheat resource [player number][resource]+[number]
Remove resources                    - /cheat resource [player number][resource]-[number]
Add Juggernauts around your capital - /cheat safe
Change explore configurations       - /cheat explore [normal|explored|all]
Complete the selected building      - /cheat finish
Generate a new map                  - /cheat mapgen
Give desired dominance              - /cheat dominance [dominance] [player number]
Add unit or building to pointer     - /cheat add [number] [type]
All tech researched                 - /cheat tech [player number] tech [on|off]
Reveal the map                      - /cheat reveal
Force peace, alliance, or war       - /cheat [ally|peace|war] [player number]
Win mission                         - /cheat victory
Enable cheat keys                   - /cheat keys on

Note: When [player number] is 1, it is your character.

1337 language:
Use a text editor to edit the "loc.ini" file in the game directory. Change the "LANG=EN" 
line (may differ due to different regions) to "LANG=1337". 
Most of the font will be the 1337 language (F0r 3x4mp13).

Modifying units:
Use a text editor to edit the "unitrules.xml" file in the "data" folder in the game 
directory. You can modify the in-game units to your liking.

Cheat keys:
Press one of the following keys during game play during a quick battle or campaign 
after the /cheat keys on code is enabled to activate the cheat function.

Result                                                  Code
+1,000 to each resource                               - [Alt] + [F5]
Faster unit creation, building creation, and research - [Alt] + [F9]
Select unit has full mana and abilities recharged     - [Alt] + [F10]
Selected unit has full health                         - [Alt] + [F11]

Unit names:
Use one of the following entries with the /cheat add code. 

Unit              Name code	
Queen Spider      - giant
Scout form Zeke   - zeke
Sun Idol          - great
Queen Salamander  - queen spider
Siege Zeppelin    - siege
Pirata Base Ship  - pirata
Land Leviathan    - land
Glass dragon      - glass drag
Sun Jaguar        - sun
Air Destroyer     - air
Moon God          - moon
Moon Gorilla      - moon gorilla
City              - city

Population Cap:
If you keep adding military districts to your cities, you can have more than the 
population cap. You get military units for every military district added, so you 
can have about 1000 population with a 300 popultaion cap.

Add Units and Buildings:

Add units by pressing Enter then typing "/cheat add." The following units can be
added by entering the codes below:

elder glass dragon - Elder Glass Dragon 
glass dragon       - Glass Dragon 
king               - King Leviathan 
land               - Land Leviathan 
moon               - Moon God 
moon gorilla       - Moon Gorilla 
city of            - City of Vengeance 
elder              - Elder Salamander 
queen              - Queen Salamander 
adult              - Adult Salamander 
salamander         - SALAMANDER 
mega               - Elder Glass Golem 
adult glass golem  - Adult Glass Golem 
death              - Death Snake 
death sphere       - Death Sphere 
holy               - Holy Ark 
great              - Sun Idol 
giant              - Spider Queen 
elder spider queen - Elder Spider Queen 
lava               - Lava Spider 
dark               - Dark Walkers 
sun                - Sun Jaguars 
sun cannon         - Sun Cannon 
sentinel           - Sentinel 
storm              - Storm Disk 
quetzal            - Quetzal Fighter 
eagle              - Eagle Bomber 
coutl              - Coutl Caravan 
vinci              - Vinci Caravan 

city - City 
circle of Sand   - Circle of Sand 
circle of Fire   - Circle of Fire 
circle of Glass  - Circle of Glass 
barracks         - Barracks 
aerodrome        - Aerodrome 
steam            - Steam Fortress 
research         - Research Lab 
doomcannon       - Doomcannon 
fane             - Fane 
sanctuary        - Sanctuary 
temple           - Temple 
sentry           - Sentry

Saving Cheats:
Submitted by: Shyam

Save the game in the Strategic map and then open the savegame, which is stored 
in your My Documents\Rise Of Legends\[Profile name]\Saves folder. 
Open it with Notepad. Then search for the second string called "ORIGINAL_CTW_STATE" 
It should be about half-way down the file. 

There you'll see this: 

[INT id="invention"]
[INT id="wealth"]
[INT id="entourage"]
[INT id="army"]

The "xx" will be whatever your strategic resources are at. Simply alter them to 
whatever you feel like, then save and reload your save game. 
Note: Entourage is your character's XP level. 

WARNING: Always make a backup before modifying your saved game files.

Burning moving rays from ground. When you're playing a quick battle or a campaign, 
press enter to bring up the chat and type in: /cheat add rider. You can also set 
how many "rider" you like to put on e:g: " /cheat add 10 rider ". There will be 
some fire rays will come from ground and it will moves to burn near by enemy units
or buildings.

Strategic map:
Submitted by: Vishnukrishnan M.

Press Enter when in the strategy map of Campaign mode. Type "/cheat keys on" and 
press click OK (P.S:- Dont put the "" symbol). Cheats on should be seen in white 
if successful. Press Alt+F5 key. You will get the points needed to add districts 
& army units, upgrading army units & character.

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