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 Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood Cheats

Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54
Update by: bijesh
Update by: Parvez Alam /

In the gameplay make sure any one of your characters is standing and point
your mouse towards the kneeling icon. Press [F11] and you will get the 
console. Type the following codes for their corresponding effects:

Code             Result
GOODLUCK       - Add cloverleafs to the campaign
CASH           - Gives more money
BINGO          - Gives all your character 999 ammo
IMMUNITY       - Gives your characters invulnerablity
MERRYMAN       - Gives you one extra merry man
TIMELESS       - Stops time
PAM            - Makes all enemies stupid in close combat
UNBLIP         - See all characters on the map
WINNER         - Win the mission.
NUKE           - Kills all opponents.
HADES          - Kills selected enemy.
PAM            - Makes all enemies ineffective in melee combat.
HIGHLANDER 2   - Makes all enemies invincible.
HIGHLANDER     - Makes all party characters invincible.
GOLDENEYE      - Makes all party characters invisible.

Submitted by: Yasir Wahab

After second mission you will be in sheerwood. There one old soldier who
willnot take part in mission. If you will left robin there pr you trained 
robin by him, then Robin can fight more strongly, when all the his sword 
blanks are fill. In fight with enemies, first try to attack on the archeries
because the shoot from distance. Try to take less Meery man on mission. 
If you left dudley in sheerwood, then there more things produced. 

Fight against enemies:
Submitted by: Yasir Wahab

If you are fighting and all ther soldiers attack from every side, then if
you attack in circle, the will die soon and fighting against the knight, 
you must attack or fight with him by Will scarelet. 

Submitted by: Danny

When you are in the mission to meet ranulph and you cannot make the soldiers 
dead then you should use Little john.

Easy Way to Rob Carrigis:
Before you leave to do the mission you should have lots of arrows; you could 
have your merry men make them or you could use the cheat. TO perform the cheat,
first press [F11] to bring down the cheat page and type 'bingo' (without quotes).
Use those arrows to shoot the targets. NOTE: one of your men have to be standing
and put the mouse over kneel symbol.

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