Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 8 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 8 
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 Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 8 Cheats

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 8

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Easy money:
Become a prefect in a city that is surrounded by friendlies, and have a city
near you that is on a front. It helps if the city on the front is fighting a
hopeless battle with one or no reinforcements (for example, against Ma Teng 
in Scenarios 196 to 210). Learn how to increase your city's gold, either by 
pillaging or by playing merchants. To play merchants, buy supplies when the 
numbers are high, sell when they are lower. It is possible to buy for 11 gold,
then sell for 7 gold, but not in the same council. Simply accumulate a lot of 
money and your liege will assign you to support the city on the front. Every 
time you properly support them, you will be given 500 gold, and 1000 fame and
deeds. If you have someone under you with trade skill, use them to buy and sell.
Note: It helps if you are next to an enemy city that will be taken over soon; 
this will cause many riots to lower safety to 0. Pillaging will then always be
successful, even if it is under your force. 

Acquire "green" skills: 
You can learn any of the skills: Persuade Reverse, Taunt, Confuse, or Rumor. 
If you are training and another officer wishes to join you, if they happen to
have a green skill that you do not know, you have a small chance to learn it 
after you have finished training. To increase the probability of an officer 
coming to train with you, make sure you have a high bond with them. 

Acquire "yellow" skills: 
You can learn yellow skills from any non-sage officer. To gain Weather or 
Medicine, your officer must have at least a Friendly relation to the officer
with that skill. If Friendly, there is 1% to 10% chance of learning. If 
Trusted, there is a 15% to 20% chance of learning. If Loyal, there is a 25% 
to 35% of learning. If Sworn Brother, there is a 40% to 50% chance of learning.
Note: The percent chances are approximate. 

Lu Bu:
To get Lu Bu, fight Dong Zhou during the Dong Zhou story in an all out war 
when you move your own people. Take all your men and go straight for Lu Bu 
as soon as you find him. Once defeated, take the officer that has him to a 
very safe place and finish the rest of the level. Make sure to have powerful
people by starting from the beginning, as Lu Bu has 108 war ability. Be sure
to take Lu Bu quickly so there will be a better chance of getting him, and 
you do not have to execute him. Note: Sometimes Diao Chan will appear. 
Take her after defeating Lu Bu. 
You can also get Lu Bu when you are Sun Jian through diplomatic situations 
as follows. You must do this at the beginning of the Anti-Dong Zhou coalition.
It helps to have the special created characters that can make people defect 
well. On the very first diplomatic stage, check if his loyalty is low. At the 
beginning his loyalty should still be low. Use your created characters to 
lower it further, then try to hire. He may not go for it the first time. Keep 
trying and he will eventually give in. However, you will have to reward him. 
If you do not, he will quickly betray you. He is worth a lot of money when 
it comes to how many battles you can win with him. 

Easy items:
If your fame is relatively high and you observe at the fields, the farmers 
there will either give you money that they scraped together for you or even 
better tell you that they found an item buried in the fields. This item can 
be just about anything; even rare items. 

Acquire "red" skills: 
To learn Fight (Tower), Plan (Factory), and Govern (Market), you do not have 
to max your WAR, INT, and POL. Instead, just get an item and make sure its 
effect is equal to your max. For example, if WAR maxs at 90 without Fight, 
then current WAR 80 + Seven Star Sword + Observing Tower = WAR max is equal 
to 100 = learn Fight.To learn Charm, get the Awards of Valor or Imperial 
Jade Seal; or max CHA and Observe Fields. To learn Guard, make the Barracks 
Trust = 26+. 

Acquire skills and tactics:
After your officer has a chance to get married and you get married, your 
spouse will teach you skills and tactics from time to time. You can learn 
any skill or tactic except the special skill for each set.

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