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  Hints and Tips for: RPG Maker XP 
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 RPG Maker XP Cheats

RPG Maker XP

Message functions:
Enter one of the following codes in the "Message" event command during a
game (not in the message editor) to activate the function.
To see how they appear when in-game, press [F2] to preview the message.

Result                             Code	
Display a hero's name           - n[[hero name]]
Display currect variable value  - v[[variable]]
Gray text                       - c[7]
Yellow text                     - c[6]
Magenta text                    - c[5]
Teal text                       - c[4]
Green text                      - c[3]
Red text                        - c[2]
White text                      - c[0]
Blue text                       - c[1]

Debug menu:
During game play in test mode, press [F9]. 

No clipping mode:
During game play in test mode, hold [Alt] to go through walls. 

Skip messages:
During game play in test mode, hold [Shift]. 

Display frame rate:
During game play in test mode, hold [F2] to display the frame rate in the title 

Hidden options:
Press [F1] during game play to display a menu with options for smoother game play,
toggling the background music or sounds, and changing the keyboard settings.

Hidden Option Menu:
To access a hidden option menu, press the F1 key during gameplay (In or out out of
Test Play) and an option menu will pop up. What this menu allows you to do: 

1.Smoother Gameplay (Requires Pentium 4. Checkmark Pentium 4 for smoother gameplay
  if you have it) 
2.Triggers BGM/BGS On/Off 
3.Change keyboard settings

Return to Title Screen:
Press [F12] to return to the title screen. (This only works while playtesting/playing.)

Switch Menu:
Press [F9] to open up a menu which shows all the switch names, also giving you the 
ability to turn them on & off.
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