Sam And Max Episode 201 - Ice Station Santa Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Sam And Max Episode 201 - Ice Station Santa 
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 Sam And Max Episode 201 - Ice Station Santa Cheats

Sam And Max Episode 201 - Ice Station Santa

Written by Von M1hal14

Ice Station Santa is the first episode of Sam & Max Season Two created by 
Telltale Games and published by GameTap. In this season starter, Sam and 
Max are investigating Santa Claus, who has just sent a Maimtron 9000 bent
on killing them to them.

-=Act 1=-
Pre Credits
1. Go outside.
2. Ask "Why do fools fall in love?".
3. Go inside office.
4. Take Wind-Up Key.
5. Go outside.

-=Act 2=-
Santa's Room
1. Go inside Santa's Workshop.
2. Talk to first Elf.
3. Tell him Santa isn't real.
4. Pick up Watering Can.
5. Go outside.
6. Use Watering Can on Tiny Topiary.
7. Climb tree.
8. Take parchment.
9. Take record.

-=Horseman of Death=-
1. Go to street.
2. Go to Pimp Le Car.
3. Talk to C.O.P.S.
4. Ask to Pimp Car.
5. Ask for their horseman.
6. Win mini-game.
7. Take Horseman from DeSoto bonnet.

-=Horseman of Pestilence=-
1. Go to Stinky's Diner.
2. Work out correct answer.
3. Tell Lincoln one of the remaining out of A, B, or C.
4. Click on Trivia Pad.
5. Use last remaining choice of A, B, or C.

-=Horsemen of Famine=-
1. Go to Bosco's.
2. Ask about his package.
3. Go to Santa's Workshop.
4. Use Green Computer.
5. Select Obsess-o-Matic Stopwatch.
6. Pick up Gift Tags.
7. Use Gift Tags on Gift to send to Bosco.
8. Go to Bosco's.

-=Horseman of War=-
1. Go to Santa's Workshop.
2. Pick up Boxing Betty.
3. Go to Maimtron 9000.
4. Talk to Jimmy.
5. Use Boxing Betty on Robot Innards.
6. Defeat rats.

1. Go to Santa's Workshop.
2. Look at Red Computer.
3. Look at Slimy Crate.
4. Use all four Horsemen with North Pole.
5. Use Record on Record Player.
6. Sing "Like gelatinous goo!"
7. Sing "In Lower Manitoba!"
8. Sing "Like Mimesweeper!"
9. Sing "Hey, Shambling Corporate Presence!"

-=Act 3
1. Go into Santa's Room.
2. Look in Safe.

1. Go into Future Portal.
2. Leave Future.
3. Go to Santa's Workshop.
4. Use Green Computer.
5. Select Footbath.
6. Use Gift Tags on Gift to send to Stinky.
7. Go to Stinky's Diner.
8. Take Socks.
9. Go to Santa's Room.
10. Use Socks on Stocking Stuffer.
11. Go to Future Portal.
12. Use Sock of Coal on Sleigh.

1. Take Snowball from Yellow Snow Reclamation.
2. Go into Present Portal.
3. Use Snowball on Bug Family.

1. Go to Santa's Workshop.
2. Pick up Maze.
3. Go into Past Portal.
4. Use Maze on Rat Hole.
5. Switch on the Television.
6. Leave Past.
7. Go to street.
8. Use Rat with Jimmy.
9. Go to Past.
10. Give Jimmy Boxing Glove.

1. Use Spirit Bottle on Shambling Corporate Presence.

-=Final Act=-
1. Shoot switch next to Tree when the Plane is over the Trampoline.
2. Use Green Computer.
3. Choose any gift.
4. Shoot Cannon.
5. Shoot switch.
6. Shoot switch to stop Plane above Santa.
7. Watch the ending!

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