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  Hints and Tips for: Screamer 
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 Screamer Cheats


Update by: Dj Simo

Code   Result
MIRRO: Mirror mode
VTELO: All normal tracks available
INVER: Reversed tracks available
MONTY: Obstacle graphics are changed
JOINT: More obstacle graphics
CLOCK: Turn off the clock
TAZOR: Makes the bullet car available
ABURN: Other cars become bullet cars (*)
updow: Upside down graphic

(*)(Note: This cheat can't be undone without a 
reinstallation or backing up the Choice.dat file)

Alternate graphics:
Type monty at the main menu. The phrase "Wanna play dirty? 
Then letīs play dirty!" will be spoken to confirm correct 
code entry. The traffic cones will turn into rabbits. The 
wide traffic barricades will turn into baby strollers. The 
detour arrow signs will turn into dolls. The tall traffic 
barricades will turn into girls in swimsuits in slalom 
special mode.
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