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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM
Make shills:
If you play the Connect4 game, you can make a ton of money doing it! Play in 
multiplayer mode.

Super fast leveling:
Want a really high level but just dont got the time Well here the trick. Go to 
Haunted Valley, then inside the Haunted Mansion there is a game called "Slingshot"
play it, but, just do a few shot on the pop can and exit. Keep doing that till you
level. But, everytime to level (till around level 25 and over) it will be more 
difficult for you to level.

2 player mode in Aqua Hoops:
Activates 2 player or sandbox mode. You can practice alone or play against a friend
on the same keyboard.

-=How to activate=-
In the game Aqua Hoops, at the title screen hold the keys "T", "W" and "O" simultaneously.

Keys: WASD to control player1 (left) and Arrow keys for player2.

Free Clothing:
Go to wardrobe then double press remove accessories, then you go to the clothing shop, 
then press on thing (the second thing you click will not appear) then go back to the 
wardrobe then you press done. you will have on the stuff! if you know the free furni 
cheat, pray tell!

If you want alot of super shills you should try this:
mason rocks	- It gives you a billion super shills and more.

Swiming pool Glich:
First sit the edge of a swiming pool then click the "SB Shirt" icon on the bottom and 
change any thing on you then click "Done" and hop into the pool to swim underwater.

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