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  The encyclopedia of game cheats. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game. If you are an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, CheatBook DataBase is exactly the resource you would want. Find even secrets on our page: Section 8 
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 Section 8 Cheats

Section 8

Cheat List:
Press + or tilde (~) or the button above Tab, to open the cheats console, then enter 
'Enablecheats' then enter the following codes for the desired cheats:

Code         Effect
GOD        - God Mode.
Allammo    - Infinite ammo and jet repair.
Ghost      - Walk through walls.
Disable    - Take away limit of buildings and you can buy stuff without cash.

Promotional Items:
Select "Dropship" from the Main Menu and enter the following codes to toggle the 
items below on (enter them again to toggle off):

13374877 - Black Widow pistol 
17013214 - Captain's Armor
68432181 - Chrome Assault Rifle

Unlockables Achievements:
Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points. 

With All Due Haste (25 points)  - Capture the Missile Silo on "Nuclear Dawn" 
                                  in under 8 minutes on hard difficulty. 
Lightning Assault (25 points)   - Capture the Munitions Facility in Blackstone Marsh 
                                  within 4 minutes of hacking the Heavy. 
Mission Accomplished (30 points)- Complete the campaign on any difficulty. 
Over Achiever (50 points)       - Complete the campaign on hard difficulty. 
To the Delphi Main (20 points)  - Complete the first half of the campaign on any difficulty. 
First Drop (10 points)          - Complete the first mission of the campaign on any difficulty.
Badge Expert (35 points)        - Earn each badge in ranked matches.
Feat Expert (20 points)         - Earn each feat in ranked matches.
Badge Collector (15 points)     - Earn 5 unique badges in ranked matches.
Feat Collector (10 points)      - Earn 5 unique feats in ranked matches.
3,720 to 1 (50 points)          - Win a game with Super Swarm mode. 
Top Brass (50 points)           - Reach level 50 in ranked matches. 
Rising Star (30 points)         - Reach level 25 in ranked matches. 
Ding! (15 points)               - Reach level 5 in ranked matches. 
Bane of the Immobile (20 points)- Destroy 30 turrets. 
Veni, Vidi, Vici. (20 points)   - Win a ranked match on all maps. 
Blades 'n 'Nades (30 points)    - Kill 5 players in a row with only Grenades and Knives in a 
                                  ranked match. 
Blood Lust (15 points)          - Kill 100 players in ranked matches. 
Test Drive (10 points)          - Get a kill with every vehicle weapon. 
Steamroll (10 points)           - Kill a player by crushing them with a Tank. 
This Is My Rifle (20 points)    - Kill 30 players with an Assault Rifle. 
Feeling Lucky? (20 points)      - Kill 30 players with a Pistol. 
Ventilator (20 points)          - Kill 30 players with a Shotgun. 
Repo Man (20 points)            - Destroy 30 vehicles. 
Sherman's March (15 points)     - Capture a point when all of its structures are destroyed in 
Silent but Deadly (15 points)   - Deploy a sensor array within 50m of enemy CP. 
We Have Won (20 points)         - Overdrive for 280 km. 
Goal Oriented (25 points)       - Participate in all DCMs in the game successfully. 
Cutting to the Chase (20 points)- Win a ranked match in under 14 minutes. 
Adaptable (15 points)           - Participate in a successful DCM. 
Swatting at Flies (10 points)   - Destroy a non-friendly repair drone. 
Recession Proof (10 points)     - Purchase one of every vehicle and deployable. 
Passive Aggressive (10 points)  - Customize passive modules for one loadout in game. 
Shop 'til you drop (10 points)  - Change loadouts 3 times. 
Desensitization (15 points)     - Destroy 10 Sensor Arrays or Micro Sensors in ranked matches. 
Ringleader (30 points)          - Invite 10 players into your squad (and have them accept) in 
Blitzkrieg (50 points)          - Capture 2 Control Points within 3 minutes in a ranked match. 
Mr. Fixit (20 points)           - Get 100 Repairs. 

Captain Armor:
Reach level 50 in Multiplayer to unlock the Captain Armor.

Automatic Pistol:
Beat Story Mode (Corde's story) to unlock the Automatic Pistol for use in multiplayer.

Submitted by: Mazid

Automatic Pistol:
Beat Story Mode (Corde's story) to unlock the Automatic Pistol for use in multiplayer.

Captain Armor:
Reach level 50 in Multiplayer to unlock the Captain Armor.

Promotional Items:
Select "Dropship" from the Main Menu and enter the following codes to toggle the items below on 
(enter them again to toggle off):
13374877 - Black Widow pistol
17013214 - Captain's Armor
68432181 - Chrome Assault Rifle

How to win easy:
Submitted by: Jaz

(Conquest)First When Your on The Dropship And Picking Where to land first go to the tacnet 
(that should pause the game) then press ~ and type enablecheats then type god then drop on 
a control point then you would not be killed then if your on the land now type 
Disablepurhasingrestrictions and allammo then capture that control point after capturing 
put defenses around and supply depots on there side then capture all control points leave 
one for the enemy then put defenses on the control points after that pick a good place to 
put a base (make sure it's large) then call an aa turret there so no enemy can drop there 
put defenses sensor arrays supply depots etc then call down bikes(mechs,tanks) then enter 
every vehicle you dropped then your allies will take it when your allies dropped on the 
vehicles repair them. (swarm)Like on the conquest put defenses (best map is whiteout) 
then call three-four bikes/mechs then hold up for 20 minutes every 400 seconds or 6 minutes 
and 40 seconds it will airstrike so just wait when there's an airstrike (best to remember 
every landing spots enemies land put defenses on that).my techniques (eden-Large) First 
Land on 2 capture and put mt(minigun turret) circling the control point then capture 3 
put mt around then 1 put mt on the back then on the landing pad near the 2 put aa turret 
mt and mst(missile turret) and bikes mechs about 9-14 and watch 
(zephyr) first land on 1 capture put defenses on top of the mountain where there is rocks 
with mt then to 2 capture put defenses and three capture defenses watch (whiteout) land on 
1 capture put defenses on the middle of 2 builings with boxes go to 3 capture put 2 mts on 
the 2 holes then put mts on top then to 4 capture put defenses on front and on top put a 
base in the elevator beetween 1 and 3 put on top of the elevator 2 mts for entrance to 3 
mts then supply depots on one of the blue long box put bikes near the elevator then mechs 
on the ridge watch (prometheus) Coming on next issue.

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