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  Hints and Tips for: Sega Smash Pack 
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 Sega Smash Pack Cheats

Sega Smash Pack

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Level select:
Press [Cursor Left] or [Cursor Right] at the menu with the "Start" and
"'Options" selection. The number at the top right corner indicates the
starting level. 

Press [Enter] to pause game play, then press D, A, [Left], [Left], A, D,
A S. Vectorman will change into a square that can be moved into enemies 
to destroy them. Repeat the code to change back into Vectorman.

To hover in mid-air, aim down from where Vectorman is falling, then keep 
shooting. To go higher while hovering, use your jet pack feet. 
Note: A controller with a turbo feature will make this trick easier.

Defeating Clockworks:
Keep walking into him and shooting diagonally at his head. When he corners 
you to the side, keep walking in and go the other way while still shooting 
at his head. 
Note: When he gets hurt, he shoots out the orange bomb things.

Defeating Bomber:
Keep moving and shoot at his underside. When he goes up at the right side, 
stay back. He will come down and bomb you if you are too close.

Defeating Piranha:
Keep walking against him, and shoot at his face. When he stalls and opens 
his mouth, he is vulnerable for attack. To save health balls, 
keep walking into him.

Defeating Monkey:
When you go down through the hole on the left side to reach the monkey, 
quickly move over to the right side and destroy the television to get a 
health ball. By this time, the Monkey should be making its way out of the
blueprints. Without shooting at the Monkey, go back over to the left where
the hole above you is located. Since the Monkey moves around on the ceiling,
when he comes near, shoot at him. More often than not, that one shot forces 
him down onto the ground where he moves back and forth shooting. 
You should shoot too, and avoid his shots by jumping up if all else fails.
The Monkey will then jump back up and go to the right of the screen. Stay 
there. Do not go after him, because you will almost always get shot badly.
Repeat the process until he yells and bursts into pieces.

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