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  Hints and Tips for: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 
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 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Cheats

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fix Your Unexpectedly Bad FPS:
Written by Gunrun

Are you getting way worse FPS than you should be? Especially 22 FPS? 
Have a look in here.

-=Try These Steps=-
There seem to be 3 issues here.

1. You have integrated graphics as well as your GPU?
If this is the case the game may be using your iGPU rather than your descrete one. 
If you are on Nvidia right click on your desktop, go to Nvida Control Panel, manage 
3d settings, find Sekiro in the list, and make it use your graphics card. If you 
have an AMD GPU, god help you, because I have no idea. If this doesn't work move 
to step 2.

2. You have multiple monitors or TVs? If not go to step three!
For some reason the game won't go past 22 FPS if you have more than 1 monitor 
plugged in. Unplug your second monitor from your PC. You can't just disable the 
monitor in windows or turn off the power, physically remove your HDMI / DVI / DP 
cable. Once the game is running plug them back in if you like

3. Maybe you have a potato for a computer? 
Does your graphics card have m at the end of its name, is it an Nvidia 1030/40/50 
or god forbid a 930/40/50? Maybe you are on a laptop or low end machine that 
doesn't have a discrete graphics card at all? Consider a better graphics card, 
or lowering settings. This isn't really a problem with the game.

How to Defeat Lady Butterfly (Boss Guide):
Written by Wendy

This boss is located in Hirata Estate by the fast travel point Hirata Audience Chamber.

The encounter begins as you enter the atrium and she will fire kunais at you almost 
immediately. Rush over to one of the wooden pillars closest to you and allow her to 
slink closer while using the pillar as cover against the projectile attacks.

Once she is closer, you have a couple of options. 

Continue to smack her; only stopping to parry her abilities when they come up.
Use the Whirlwind Combat Art skill to whittle her health down slowly.

Once the Lady is within range of your normal attacks, hit her around three times 
to deal stagger damage or use the Whirlwind Combat Art skill to slice a bit of health 
from her bar. Remember, don't be too greedy and dodge when you think she's about to 
attack! As for parrying...

You'll notice that when she blocks attacks, sparks fly from your sword colliding with 
her. At a certain point, those sparks will get brighter and this will be your key to 
knowing when she will begin striking you instead. When this happens, parry as pin-point 
as you can to keep the stagger going.

Be wary of her sweep ability. When the icon appears over your head that she'll be 
doing a sweep, you can actually deal tons of stagger damage by jumping and kicking off 
of her head. It's a bit tricky to do, but this is how I ended up beating her in the
 first interaction.

The second interaction is much the same. Just make sure that when she dissolves her 
minions, you sprint away from the projectile butterflies or hide behind some pillars! 
The minions themselves are pretty easy with Whirlwind, but you don't have to kill them. 
They'll leave soon enough.

-=Too Long; Didn't Read:=-
* She has two iterations. Killing the first Lady progresses the encounter.
* Whirlwind Combat Art skill seems to work well.
* She has an incredibly harsh sweep ability. 
  Be wary when she jumps onto her strings above.
* Careful of the butterflies after minions dissolve. Run until they disappear.

Easy General Naomori Kawarada boss fight:
The location of this boss fight is Ashina Outskirts - Outskirts Wall Gate Path. 
Immediately after this sculptor's idol, you will encounter a big samurai. He is the 
only enemy in the courtyard. To defeat him, sneak above the rooftops on the left, 
without being seen by General Naomori. Then, sneak up to him from behind and stab 
him in the back to immediately take away one of his lives. Next, simply attack with 
the standard sword attacks, and whenever he attacks simply block (or counter by 
pressing [Block] just before his attacks land). Blocking is less risky though. After 
he finishes an attack, chain attack him again. Repeat this until his guard breaks to 
defeat him. Also, remember you have a revive and can restore health. The reward for 
defeating General Naomori Kawarada is Prayer Bead and Gourd Seed.

Easy Chained Ogre boss fight:
The location of this boss fight is Ashina Outskirts - Outskirts Wall Stairway. 
Immediately after this sculptor's idol, you will see the Chained Ogre upstairs. First, 
kill all of the smaller enemies in the area. Before going upstairs to fight the Chained 
Ogre, defeat the two guards at the bottom of the stairs. After going upstairs, go 
around the left corner to kill the enemy with a spear. You will now only have to fight 
the ogre. When the ogre attacks, press Left Analog-stick Up (Xbox controller) and dodge 
twice to get behind the ogre where he cannot hit you. Land two to three hits and repeat. 
Use this strategy to defeat the ogre without taking a single hit. The reward for 
defeating the Chained Ogre is Prayer Bead and Shinobi Medicine Rank 1.

Increase difficulty:
In New Game+, you will get the Kuro's Charm item early in the game, when collecting 
the Ornamental Letter. After meeting Lord Kuro in the tower and gaining your primary 
sword, you will have the option to give away Kuro's Charm. Give it away to increase 
the difficulty by adding chip damage to all blocks. You will also gain the benefit of 
approximately 17% additional money and XP. To reverse this effect, talk to the Old 
Sculptor to regain Kuro's Charm. However, you will not be able to increase the 
difficulty again until another New Game+.


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