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  Hints and Tips for: Septerra Core 
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 Septerra Core Cheats

Septerra Core

Cheat Codes:
Press [F12], type imarealweenie, and press [F12] again to enable cheat 
mode. Then, press [F12], enter one of the following codes, then press 
[F12] again to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: An alternate way to enable cheat code is to press [F12], type 
wtswwt-bgiob, press [Enter], type imarealweenie, and press [F12] again.

Effect                       Code
All items                  - gimme
View enemy hit points      - enemies
View line of sight         - sight
View debug information     - spy
Disable enemy AI           - makethemstopmommie
Disable spoken text        - hidetext
View frame rate            - fps
Win fight w. points money  - [Ctrl] + [F3]
2,300 experience points    - [F2]
Grubb and Runner in party  - [F3]
View .BMP format map       - mapmaker

Submitted by: Nguyen Quoc Viet

While playing game,save game. Use a Hex Editor to edit this savegame, go 
to "0x0000022C" and change it to FFFF. Load savegame and you will have 
maximum money.

Kill all enemies:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

This one is a little tricky. Press [F12], then type wtswwt-bgiob and 
press Enter. Now press [F12] again, type imarealweenie and press Enter.
Now during combat, press [Ctrl] + [F3] to kill all enemies.

Unlimited money:
On Shell 5, go to the Ankaran Research Lab. Once inside the building, go 
northwest. You will reach a room with some tables and what appears to be a 
dismantled missile. Put your pointer over it and you will learn that there 
is an item that you can pick up. It is a "Sturdy Heart". However, if you 
leave the building and return, it will be there again. You can repeat this 
process to get an unlimited amount of Sturdy Hearts, which you can sell 
at any store for an unlimited amount of money.

Submitted by: bad_maverick

Press [F12] and type in WTSWWT-BGIOB
and press [Enter]. Now again press [F12] 

Now in the fight press [Ctrl] and [F3], 
now you win plus you have all points and money.

Easy skill:
Some ppl already know this one, but maybe u dont. OK! Septerra Core
player deals with enemies, more enemies, more level, more continent
means more difficulty! Some interesting "bug" that Septerra Core 
(Val... Studios) let you train Grubb, Maya, and Runner. Here u go,
get out from Downtown Oasis and lead your way to the world map, get
into the west and you'll find a place named The Badlands, or else? 
Try to fight these monster once, and go back to uncle's house and 
sleep there (find the bed!). Then get there and fight more "dogs",
and get back to uncle's house and sleep! Do this until you're bored
and the skill way high. 
Get into the real fight with those three guard at the Pumping Station,
and get back and train yourself at The Badlands, the more u train the 
more skill u'll get! After some skill, go on to the next level and 
kick some monster's tounge (what the?????) - I think this "training
spot" must be everywhere!, seek carefully! -

Submitted by: Dave

Cheat 1:
Pressing Enter and entering the cheats "alchemy", "alreadydead", and
the others don't work, at least not on v1.0 of the North American 
version of Septerra Core, i tried them.  Unless there is something
else you have to do first.

The cheat codes for this game are very tricky. Press [F12] to enter
the codes. Some codes allow others to work properly and depend on 
them to be entered first. Below is a list of codes and which codes
must be entered first:

Cheat Enabler: "imarealweenie"

Codes used after this cheat is enabled:
"enemies" - list enemy hit points.
"sight"   - show line of sight.
"spy"     - show debug numbers. 

The following codes may be entered at any time 
(without other codes being entered first): 

Code                 Result 
makethemstopmommie - Enemies do not attack 
hidetext           - Hides spoken text 
fps                - Show frames per second 
mapmaker           - Displays map in BMP format (Files may be large!) 

There are many more codes in the game, but they require 
particular combinations in order to work correctly. 
The remainder of the codes are listed below. Can you 
figure out the correct order? 


Where to find the spells! 
This is list of where to find all the spells in this awesome game! 

Water          : From Azziz after the first lesson 
Heal           : After the Holy Guard Fight 
Rock           : After fighting the Draxx statute 
Barrier        : After fight with Selina 
Air            : In a storage cylinder in Ankaran Base 
Summon         : Awarded by Gunnar 
Fire           : After the fight with Lava Boss 
Cure           : Given by the Underlost cheif 
Resurrect      : At the grave of Bowan (in Catacombs) 
Bless          : After fight with Connor 
Law            : After fight with first Magi 
Slow           : After fight with second Magi
Mirror         : After fight with Hell GOd
All            : After fight with Balcaam
Achilles' Heel : same as above
Chaos          : After fight with Doomsday Brain
Speed          : To the northeast, near fallen bridge in Chosen Temple Area 1
Cloak          : In Chosen Temple Area 3-Found with Chosen Talisman
Curse          : In chest to the far southeast in Catacombs Area 3
Vampyre        : same as above
Joker          : After fight with Alisa

Free money: 
To get free money go to Uncle's house and get some bread out of the 
fridge then go and sell it at the stockpile shop (it's nearest store.)
Go back to Uncle's house and get more bread and keep repeating this untill
you have the desired ammount of money.

Don't forget to use your character's special skills. Grubb, for example, 
doesn't do too much damage in a straight physical fight, but turn his "Repair"
skill on a cyborg or fully mechanical opponent, and he'll dismantle them in one

You may not realize it at first, but when you hit the bar in the World Bazaar,
you can reorganize your party at will, using any of the characters that are 
standing around. Any combination of three characters is possible, and you may
have to pick different personnel depending on what job needs to be done. 
One of the annoying sequences is fighting with a Bounty Hunter; no matter 
how much you pummel him with weapons and spells, he always flees combat. And
when you get back inside, he acts as though he won the fight. There's a trick 
to defeating him, though: Carefully examine the loading dock and set a trap 
for him before you take him on again.

Submitted by: Egon G. Freeman

Based on the cheat by Nguyen Quoc Viet, a little add-pack to the HEX cheat:

Save the game anywhere. Use a Hex Editor to edit the savegame, find the 
address 22C and change its contents to FF FF FF 7F (instead of FF FF, like 
in the previous version). 
Load the savegame and you will have exactly $2147483647. I don't know the 
final maximum money amount, but it's okay for those greedy ones and with 
the hardcoded limit a bit above, you can safely earn money without spending
it. Keep in mind, though - the limit is close nearby still, and when you 
try to add more money, TOO MUCH more, you will 'turn the counter', and it
will result in having a negative amount 
(works for FF FF FF 80, so go figure the HEX :P).

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