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  Hints and Tips for: Shadowgate 
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 Shadowgate Cheats


The vital thing in this game is light - grab all the torches you find 
and, as soon as the message comes that the torch you are carrying is 
flickering, don't delay in lighting the next.  Examine everything and
try everything, but save often because you get killed if you make the
slightest mistake, and it's a pain having to reload too far back.

Broom trick:
Later in the game, a Sphinx usually asks you to answer a riddle with an 
item. If you use the broom on him before he speaks to you, he will let 
you pass without having to gather any other item in the game.

Hot Room Trick:
Follow this step by step to see a glitch where you can enter the extremely 
hot room without wearing the cloak.

1.Enter the extremely hot room without wearing the cloak.
2.Once the game sends you back for not wearing the cloak, immediately 
  use an item on yourself that will kill you.
3.If you followed directions, when you continue the game, you will be 
  in the hot room without wearing the cloak.
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