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  Hints and Tips for: Shadowgrounds 
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 Shadowgrounds Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Press [F8] during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the 
following case-sensitive codes, then press [F8] again to close the console 
window and to activate the cheat function. Press [Up] or [Down] with the console
window open to move through previously entered commands.

Result                                   Code 
Enable developer debug menu and keys   - externInclude developer:main  
Open a nearby door                     - externInclude developer:open_door  
Aliens spawn and attack                - externInclude developer:spawn_alienattack  
Ammunition for all weapons and 100 
flashlight energy                      - externInclude developer:reloadstuff  
All weapons                            - externInclude developer:givestuff  
Warp player 300 units forward on map   - externInclude developer:warpforward  
Warp player 3,000 units forward on map - externInclude developer:warpmore 
Full health                            - externInclude developer:fullhealth  
All keys for level                     - externInclude developer:giveallkeys  
Lose all keys for level                - externInclude developer:loseallkeys  
Open all remote doors                  - externInclude developer:openallremotedoors  
Close all remote doors                 - externInclude developer:closeallremotedoors  
God mode                               - externInclude developer:immortal  
God mode, full health, all weapons, 
ammo, upgrades                         - externInclude developer:stuffed 
Spawn Alien Type 0                     - externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien1  
Spawn Alien Type 4                     - externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien2  
Spawn Alien Type 9                     - externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien3  
Spawn Alien Type 11                    - externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien4  
Win current mission                    - setMissionSuccessCounter 1  
Lose current mission, crashes game     - setMissionFailureCounter 1  
Hide user interface                    - hideGUI  
Show user interface                    - showGUI  
Display message                        - message [text]
All AI disabled, doors immovable       - disableAllAI  
All AI enabled, doors movable          - enableAllAI  
Quit game                              - quit 
Enemies cannot move                    - enableHostileAI  
Enemies move again                     - disableHostileAI  

Debug menu and developer keys:
Use one of the following keys after the externInclude developer:main code is enabled. 
Press [F2] and [F3] to move through the debug menu options. Press [F4] to select the 
current option.

Result                                               Key 
Warp player 300 units forward on map               - [F5]  
Toggle God mode                                    - [F6]  
God mode, full health, all weapons, ammo, upgrades - [F7] 
Cycle camer mode                                   - [F9]  
Open Anirecorder                                   - [F10]  
Rotate camera left                                 - I  
Rotate camera right                                - O  
Grenade                                            - G 
Next camera angle boundary                         - L  
Toggle unit mode                                   - K  
Zoom camera in                                     - [Keypad Plus]  
Zoom camera out                                    - [Keypad Minu]s  
Zoom next camera                                   - [Keypad Enter]  
Multiple unit select                               - [Shift] + L  
Multiple Unit select                               - [Shift] + R  
Select all units                                   - ~

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