Shane Warne Cricket '99 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Shane Warne Cricket '99 
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 Shane Warne Cricket '99 Cheats

Shane Warne Cricket '99

Cheat Codes:
Gonk, Submitted the following Information:

World XI Team: 
On the menu screen for Shane Warne Cricket 99 select match, after you
have done that select Classic match. Click the word password down the
bottom and type in that space OLDTIMER(in caps lock). Then after you 
have typed that go to the Menu again and go to Match and choose any 
type of match(except Classic) and you will be able to pick the World 
XI team from the team select menu. 

Cheat Codes: 
In the Classic Match option click on the word "password" and type: 

Cheat Code - Granted Wish 
NITEOWLS   - 1 - 9 Classic Matches 
NONOTOUT   - Stumps Never Break 
SETMOUSE   - Free Camera Movement Using Mouse 
CMBRLARA   - Super Strength Batsman

During gameplay enter the following cheat codes

PENSIONERS - Get all the best retired cricketers
SUNSET     - Play at the beach
SUPERMAN   - Makes your batter hit the ball harder
DROPBALLS  - Makes the fielding team drop the ball all the time.
SAUSAGES   - Advance to the next round
ICECREAM   - Get the best games to finish

Especially in case of a left-handed batsmen to bowl him out adjust the 
bowler's pointer (fast bowler only) on the middle or off stump. 
Then press [Keypad 0]. 

Easy outs:
Select a spinner (leg or off) and bowl Yorker. You must set the fielding to 
manual (in team selection, press [Space] and bat, bowl and field will appear
under your team). When you bowl, a Yorker batsman will play sweep. When you 
are ready to field there will be a big white spot where ball stops. Field 
the ball before arriving at white spot and throw the ball. 
The batsmen will be run out. 

Easy sixes:
Enter "Settings" option at the main menu. Turn Slog mode on. During game 
play, use only ground shots. The ball will go up into the air for a huge 

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