Shark! Hunting the Great White Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Shark! Hunting the Great White 
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 Shark! Hunting the Great White Cheats

Shark! Hunting the Great White

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider

Mystery level:
Successfully complete each level in career mode to unlock the "Mystery" level.
This level requires that you find and kill a Megatooth shark. 

Bonus items:
The following bonus items can be found in the corresponding career mode level. 

California Beach     : Improved Suit
Ajanta Temple        : Pneumatic Speargun
Cuba Caves           : Improved Fins
Caribbean Wreck      : Improved Tank
Rhodes Temple        : Heavy Pneumatic Speargun
Australian Reef High : Tech Fins

Florida Platform: Pop-bottle mini-sub: 
Go 5 degrees north and swim down the underwater crater. Turn around and swim 
through the ivy to find a little pop-bottle mini-sub.

Level 7:
When you first dive, go down to the bottom, take out your weapon, and just wait. 
Do not move because the Great White will come to you. He is not that difficult to
deal with if you stay at the bottom because most of the time he cannot swim down 
that far, but will go over top of you. Just take your time. About three shots are
required to kill him, depending on which gun you use. When heis belly up, go 
northwest with the little dot just barely above the west direction on your compass.
When you can go no farther, turn southeast with the little dot on the red energy 
bar. Keep going this way and you will reach a crater. The mini-sub is in the crater.
Note: There is also a Tiger Shark. It is best to take care of him before you go in 
the crater, as it is very dark in there.

Level 7: Minisub:
To find the minisub, go to the crater and down to the very bottom. Get next to the 
wall and follow it until you see an opening in the wall. Go into the opening, and 
inside is the mini-sub.

California Beach: Bonus item:
When you first start, go to the bottom and go left. When you reach the mountainside,
follow it to your right all while staying at the bottom. If you do not do this, it 
will be easy for the sharks to attack you. Eventually you will see a crevice in the
mountain to your left. Go in it and look down. You will see a gold necklace. 
Swim to it, then get back out and kill the two yellow sharks to get the Improved 

Caribbean Wreck: Bonus item:
Go to the back of the ship where the propellers are located. Go down the second or
first step, turn around, and go through the door that appears. Go up the stairs 
and turn right. Go into one of the doors and you will see the Lost Diver. Kill 
the two Hammerheads to get the Improved Tank. 

Cuba Caves: Bonus item:
Go to where the Bull shark is located. After swimming away from the tube from 
which you entered his enclosure, head down and look near there to find a treasure
chest. You will get the Improved Fins when you complete the level.

Submitted by: erik

Ajanta Temple: Bonus item:
Go to the very bottom and keep going right. Go in the door and up to the Buddha statue. 
After completing the level, you will get the Pneumatic Speargun as a second weapon 
alongside the mandatory one.

Australian Reef: Bonus item:
Dive down and look for something yellowish in a crevice. You will find a fat rich 
man's camera. Find the boat to get the High Tech Fins.

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