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  Hints and Tips for: Sheep 
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 Sheep Cheats


cheat Codes:
Submitted by: james hiscott


and the sheep will follow any player!!#

Submitted by: rick

* When playing any level with Motley if you press q,w,e in quick succession he will 
  bite the sheep nearest to him causing it to jump over any obstacle. 

* Adam Half Pint can drop pints to get the sheep to follow him. Apparently you have 
  to type pint really quickly while holding down [Alt] + [Shift]. 

* The Modern Pastoral sheep can be made to follow any character by chasing them around
  the same object five times! Try this one at your own risk. If doing this one with Shep
  you run the risk making him puke.

* Sometimes it's easier to just grab the sheep individually and carry them to the
  end of the map. 

* Make sure you explore the map as much as you can before setting out. It's often
  possible to find quicker paths to the end and you won't risk losing that many 

* Always be on the lookout for hint signs and for other sheep that will assist 
  you in your efforts. 

Cheat Codes:
Simply hit ESC to bring up the Main Menu and type one of the words below to enable 
the cheat. If successful, the menu will disappear (non-US versions only) and the 
cheat will be activated. Type slowly and carefully to ensure correctness. 

Code           Result 
FatSheep     - Sheep Grow to 150% Their Normal Size 
MiniSheep    - Sheep Shrink to 1/2 Their Normal Size 
PooSheep     - Pastroal Sheep Poo Instead of Graze 
CancelCheats - Deactivate Cheats 

Note: Only the "PooSheep" cheat will work in the US version of Sheep. The other 
cheats were added into the game AFTER the US version was complete.

Jumping sheep:
Quickly type qwe during game play in any level with Motley. If done correctly, he 
will bite the nearest sheep and force it to jump over any obstacle. 

Sheep trail:
Hold [Alt] + [Shift] and quickly type pint to have Adam Half Pint drop pints to lead 
the sheep. Chase the Modern Pastoral sheep with the same object five times to make 
them follow any character. Note: This may make Shep sick.

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