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  Hints and Tips for: Shock Defence 
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 Shock Defence Cheats

Shock Defence

Free Tower:
Submitted by: RM

Buy the tower but do not place it down! Then upgrade as many towers
as you like until you have no more money or not enough to upgrade 
anything. Then place your tower down and you will have it! 
Note: do not attemt to buy anything because it will change your 
choice to that weapon. 
Note: Your money will turn to something like negative 50 or something
like that ifyou use this cheat.

I was on the first level and I upgraded a cannon all the way I put it
in the top middle on the two corners are where the corners almost 
intersect and put it 1 square down. Then I bought another cannon and 
put it in on the left side of the cannon. So I pressed on the "Next 
Level" and did the level, so I went to the next level and suddenly a
sheep appeared out of nowhere and dissapeared.

Here is what you encounter at each level.

Level-1  - Sheep 20HP $1 each.
Level-2  - Creepo 84HP $1 each.
Level-3  - Peasant 130HP $1 each.
Level-4  - Militia 150HP $1 each.
Level-5  - Spearman 202HP $1 each.
Level-6  - Legion (FAST) 300HP $1 each.
Level-7  - Creepodo 350HP $2 each.
Level-8  - Creepotri 380HP $1 each.
Level-9  - Creeposor 400HP $1 each.
Level-10 - Spaceship (IMMUNE) 450HP $2 each.
Level-11 - Martian Ship 500HP $2 each.
Level-12 - Alien Warship (FAST) 580HP $2 each.
Level-13 - Elite Warship (AIR) 640HP $2 each.
Level-14 - Space Shuttle (AIR) 700HP $2 each.
Level-15 - F22 800HP $2 each.
Level-16 - F23 (AIR) 820HP $2 each.
Level-17 - F24 (AIR) 850HP $2 each.
Level-18 - F25 (FAST) 880HP $2 each.
Level-19 - Peasant 900HP $3 each.
Level-20 - Peasant again (IMMUNE) 925HP $2 each.
Level-21 - Spaceship again?! 1075HP $3 each.
Level-22 - F22 1265HP $4 each.
Level-23 - Creepotri 1468HP $4 each.
Level-24 - Alien Disk (FAST) 1265HP $4 each.
Level-25 - F2000 (AIR) 1615HP $4 each.
Level-26 - Mutant Sheep 1935HP $4 each.
Level-27 - Fierce Creepo 2165HP $5 each.
Level-28 - Giant Man 2405HP $5 each.
Level-29 - Huge Spaceship 2655HP $5 each.
Level-30 - X-Size F3000 (IMMUNE) (FAST) 2500HP $5 each.
Level-31 - Damn hard! 5000HP $5 each.
Level-32 - OMG, so very hard! 7000HP $5 each.
Level-33 - AGAIN. 10000HP $5 each.
Level-34 - HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? 20000HP $5 each.
Level-35 - 30000HP 30000HP $5 each.

Infinite Cash and Ability Points:
Submitted by: Fuzzy3719

First place a stone cannon anywhere and upgrade twice, next place another but
dont upgrade. Press start game and the keep pressing the next stage thing button.
It should be shaded when u do press it; u rich. On lvl 3 i had 5000 super towers.

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