Shogo - Mobile Armor Division Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Shogo - Mobile Armor Division 
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 Shogo - Mobile Armor Division Cheats

Shogo - Mobile Armor Division

Cheat Codes:
Press "T" for "Talk" function, then type:

Code           Effect
MPGOD        - Godmode
MPKFA        - Full Ammo, Armor, and Health
MPHEALTH     - Full Health
MPAMMO       - Full Ammo
MPARMOR      - Full Armor
MPCLIP       - Clipping Mode on/off
MPPOS        - Show Position on/off
MPCAMERA     - Adjust Camera on/off
MPMECH       - Change your mech 
MPLIGHTSCAPE - Adjust Light Scape on/off
MPTEARS      - Reload Weapons 
MPFRAMRATE 0 - Turns frame rate off.
MPFRAMRATE 1 - Turns frame rate on.
MPPOS        - Toggles coordinates.
MPANIME      - Anime type explosions
MPBIGGUNS    - All characters have huge weapons
MPTELEPORT   - Teleport to start
MPONFOOT     - Walk
MPVEHICLE    - Use Vehicle
MPMIMIMI     - All weapons
MPBOYISUCK   - Kill all enemies
MPTRIGGERS   - Cubes show actions.

Coke Machine Trick 
When you first start the game, where you meet Admiral Akkaraju you can 
see people working on computers below where he is. Go down the stairs 
and jump on the tables. You'll find a quarter. Go back to the area where
the coke machines are and insert your quarter in the machine to the right. 

 SHOWFRAMERATE 1/0  - Show framerate
 WORLD levelname    - Go to level (see levelnames)

Select Level
Press ~ to display the command line, then type 
world  with a name from the following list:

These are the valid levelnames:

Mini-Mech mode:
Make sure you are on foot, and not in a mech. Press [F6] to quick save the game.
Press [Esc] to enter the main menu. Go to the load screen and click "Quick Load".
When the game completes loading, press T to enter the "Talk" function. 
Type mpclip and press [Enter]. You should be in mini-mech mode. If not, try the
alternate method. 

Play as a robot during a footrooper mission:
Quick save the game and kill yourself. Enable the mpclip code and when you get 
the next level, probably a footrooper mission, type mpclip and a message stating
"Spectator mode disabled" will appear. You will now be a robot on a footrooper 
mission. You have all the guns and can go to vehicle mode. 
Note: If you ram into a person they will be killed.

Kid mode:
During a level when you are on foot, enable the mpmech code to turn into a kid. 
Note: You can only use the pistols, but you have double jump.

Play soccer:
To play soccer, you must be in a mech and find some helpless soldiers in the middle
of the street or road. Run into them and their bodies will fly to the moon.

Soda machine:
When you first start the game, go to where you meet Admiral Akkaraju. You can see 
people working on computers below where he is located. Go down the stairs and jump
on those tables to find a quarter. Go back to the area where the soda machines are,
then insert the quarter in the machine to the right.

Equip Mobile Armor weapons in non-Mobile Armor missions:
Begin an on-foot mission and press "T"to type "mpclip". You should then enter 
spectator mode. From here, travel through any wall until you die. Reload the same
mission, and once again, type "mpclip". Instead of entering spectator 
mode, you should now be in a Mobile Armor, yet you remain the same size as Sanjuro.
The standard weapons are equipped to the Mobile Armor. To gain new weapons, press "T" 
and type "mpkfa" to receive ammo for all Mobile Armor weapons. If you wish to change 
your Mobile Armor, press "T" and type "mpmech". Be warned, however, that your life 
and armor is still that of Sanjuro, so be careful when using Mobile Armor weapons in
close-quarters combat.

Skip Lost Cat Level:
When you get to the woman who needs her cat recovered, you can simply shoot her. She
will die, and her husband charges out of the house, screaming "MURDURER!!"
He fires a shotgun, so watch out! 

When you kill him, go into the house. Turn left right inside the door, then go forward
until there is a kitchen to your right. Turn right and go through the litle hallway, 
and follow the room to its end. There is a box with a lightning bolt on it, just touch
it, then go outside again. The gate should be open or opening, so just walk through! 
This tip lets you skip the level "Lost Cat".

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