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  Hints and Tips for: Sierra Games 
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 Sierra Games Cheats

Sierra Games

I was looking for some special cheats for all those old Sierra adventures
like Larry, Police quest and Kings quest etc. Up to my surprise the only 
cheats i found were things like "Press ALT-X" in larry one etc.

ALT-V shows version number of the game.

Many of these sierra game have some kind of "Debug" mode, when you do
some combined key action Press ALT-D(ebug, how obvious) , you will see
the version dialogs like when you hit ALT-V but without knowing, Debug
mode is enabled now!. Then you enter the following command  "GET OBJECT"
[Enter] After that you will see a line asking for an object number. In
this way you will be able to get objects in your inventory without
finding them throughout the game.

This last possibility made it possible for me to finish Leisure Suit
Larry 1 with only a few points since the only thing i needed to do was
bringing the apple to the woman. Ofcourse i had to get rid of the woman
staying in front of the button that opens the door and all that.

It seems like not much people know this secret. It also worked for the
earlier police quest games and king´s quest games.
but ONLY the early versions (1 and it´s sequel or something)

There is another problem, you have a certain range of objects, if you
enter an unknown object number, the game will show an error dialog with
a number and then it will quit.
The best way to test it out is to test all numbers from 0 to 100 (if it
gets that far) and note down what object is what number.
The error dialog also shows something like GET(#) and PUT(#), to me that
indicates that you will probably be able to dump objects out of your
inventory but i never tested that.

In Larry I it will work for sure because i took time to retest that, i
believe it also worked for King´s quest ranges 1 to 3 and Space quest 1
to 3 but you will have to test that yourself.

I believe that the debug mode was implemented just to test various
stages of the game without needing to go through the earlier stages

This ALT key is used for a lot of ALTernative playing methods.

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