Silverfall - Earth Awakening Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Silverfall - Earth Awakening 
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 Silverfall - Earth Awakening Cheats

Silverfall - Earth Awakening

Hex Cheats:
Submitted  by: RM

Here is a small HEX Editing file to help you HEX Edit some values
in Silverfall: Earth Awakening. First We will start with a HEX 
Program, i use and recommend HEX Workshop it is very good and 
perfect for what we are or you are about to do if you choose. 

Go to your game directory by right clicking on your desktop shortcut
and under the properties tab clicking 'find target' or isf you are 
using VISTA just right click and select 'open file location' in the
menu. Next open the folder called 'Save' this is where all your saved
files are kept. You will need to open the file (xxxxxxxx.plr)
(replacing the xxxxxx with the name of your character) with HEX 
Workshop or any other program of your choice. Since all editing is 
done with HEX Workshop i recommend you use it but if you use another 
program that's fine it should all be pretty much the same. 

Editing gold:
Going to offset no. 862 will reveal the word GOLD in the file you have
just opened (offest035E in HEX) just go to offset 903 - 906. These are
the offsets we need to change so we can have alot of gold. Type in 
there F6 9318 4B this will give you nearly 10 million gold more than 
enough. Another way to edit is select with click and drag method the 
mentioned offset i.e 903 - 906 and in the bottom left hand window go 
down to float and click on this value untill it is highlighted then 
just change it numerically to whatever you want. 
Please remember not to set it too high as the game may become unstable,
for me 10 million is plenty. 

Editing Experience:
As before go to Offset 606-609 and put in its place E89F 0850 this will
give you afew trillion experience points allowing you to level up to 
maximum. NB you must defeat a creature or monster before the game will 
recognise the change and grant you the levels. 

Editing Skill Points:
As before go to Offset 756-757 and put in its place the values FF50 
which should give you around about 35 million skill points. 

Editing Attribute points:
As before with skill points just go to Offset 840-841 and put in the 
same as you did for skill points and you should have around about 35 
million points to use, more than enough i would think.

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