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  Hints and Tips for: Sim City 2000 
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 Sim City 2000 Cheats

Sim City 2000

Cheat Codes:
Enter these codes while playing. 

Code       Result
CASS      - Gain $400
BUDDAMUS  - $500,000 dollars
IMACHEAT  - $500,000 dollars
FUND      - Issues a 25% bond
MRSOLEARY - Starts a fire
NOAH      - Starts a flood 
SODOM     - Starts a fire storm
GOMORRAH  - Nuclear meltdown
MOSES     - Stops a flood
JOKE      - Weird picture

Easy Money without Cheating 
Make sure your population is over 300,000, then build 100 churches in your city.

Good Clean Arcos 
To lower the crime rate and raise the land value in your arcologies, simply build
police staations and parks nearby. Also be sure to add power and water. 

Another well known trick is the FUND bug. Start a new city but before you do 
anything, type FUND. The banker will ask you if you want a bond at a 25% rate. 
Say Yes. Now type FUND again, and get another 25% bond. Now go to your budget 
window, click on bonds, and issue another bond. The new bond will have a rate of .%.
percent, which is where the bug in the program is. This bug will give you $1.5 
million every January 1st. 

Dancing Arcology:
Submitted by: Joshua

Run the Urban Renewal Kit and type vaudeville.

Millatry Base:
Submitted by: Joshua

Type in gilmartin and a message will come up and ask you if you want to accept a 
millatry base in your city. (it will not grow)

Submitted by: Bob Villa

If you type in gilmartin you will get a military base put some where away from you
city.  If you turn up the speed to Africian Swallow your free millitary base will 
build faster.  And if you don\'t build any police and fire stations and you start a
disaster that needs them you military base will help you.

Submitted by: Jim hid

Priscilla: type during play gives you the DEBUG button.

Submitted by: Donna

If you type imacheat at any point in the game, you will recieve 500.000. You can do 
this as many times as you like.

Do this before you build anything:
submitted by: Dj Simo

* Build a gas plant. 
* Open Budget, Open Bond Payments. 
* Issue Bond Twice. 
* Close Bond Payments, Close Budget. 
* Bulldoze the gas plant. 
* Repeat step 2. 
* Issue Bond w/ the .% interest. 
* Repeat step 4. 
* Viola, you are rich!, You'll get $1,500,000 every year. 
P.S. Do not repay bonds.

Everything trick (DOS version):
submitted by: Dj Simo

* Pause the game and go to the centering tool Hold Ctrl and press F3 
* Rotate counterclockwise (the arrow that points left) 
* Click on the resize button in the lower-right hand corner 
* Click on the status window (the window with the weather and price of selected item)
* Click on the population window button (the one with a picture of people)
* Click anywhere inside the city 
* Click on the disaster menu and drag the cursor to the line between riots and no 
  disasters. release the mouse button 
* This will get you $500,000, all technologies, and all awards

Magic Eraser:
submitted by: Dj Simo

* Make a backup copy of your city in case you mess up. 
* Click on the water/tree icon. 
* Select trees 
* Hold down the shift key and the left mouse button. 
* Slowly drag the mouse cursor over the tiles you want to erase while continuing to
  hold down the shift key and depressing the mouse button. You will see your structures 
* Make frequent use of the rotate tool to make sure you only erase the tiles you have 
* If you release the shift key or mouse button, go back to step 2 and start over. 
* The population of the area that you erased will stay and you can build on that area 
  to increase the population even more!

The Phantom Water Trick:
submitted by: Dj Simo

* Destroy all water plants
* Go to an area on the outskirts of the city with no buildings around 
* Dezone an area 3x3 
* Place a water pump in the center of the dezoned square 
* Power the pump without making the power plant touch it 
* Do not let anything touch the water pump and do not create any more water pumps 
* You will get 100% water and you will never have to worry about water shortages again

Make airplanes hover:
Submitted by: cameron hanson

Go to the bulldozer icon,click on it and hold a selection screen should apear go to 
raise land go to a place with no buildings around then raise the land then go to the 
tree/water icon click on that and hold then choose water when you see a airplane near 
the hill click and hold over the hill and the airplane will freeze in midair.

Hydroelectric power without a waterfall:
Note: This can only be done using the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit, which works with SimCity 
2000. In SimCity Urban Renewal Kit, you can build a hydroelectric power plant on any pond, 
lake, or river tile and not just a waterfall. This is useful for saving space, because it 
allows for water pumps to be built completely surrounded by water (for maximum output) 
and a power source at the same time. Save your city in SimCity Urban Renewal Kit, then 
go back to playing in regular SimCity 2000.

If you decline to build a military base in your city, you may be assisted by Maxis Man in 
a disaster. He will fly around and attempt to stop the disaster.

Occasionally a sailboat from the marina will be attacked by the Loch Ness monster.

SimCity Two Cows:
In some versions of SimCity 2000, there is a different picture than the Pirate Squid Club 
picture when the word joke is entered during game play. 

In "Edit New Map" mode, make a hill. Next, make a waterfall tile where you want the "cave" 
to be. Raise the water level until the waterfall is covered. Lower the water level back to 
normal. The result will be a single tile in the side of the mountain that is flat. 1X1 tile 
buildings and zones can be placed here.

Floating mountain:
Using the "Cave" trick, one can make a "floating mountain" by making every sloped tile on 
the hill or mountain into a cave. Zones and buildings can be placed here, but the result 
of building a road or power line onto the floating mountain will look odd. 

Swamp or trees on water:
Make a small pond, lake, or river. Lower the water or sea level, then raise it back up to 
normal. You can now place trees on those water tiles. It works just the same if you raise 
the water level as long as you do not cover up the pond, lake, or river water tiles.

Space launch:
Accumulate a large amount of money and keep adding Launch Arcos to the map. Keep filling 
the map with them until see them launch into space. A message stating that you will be 
compensated for the Launch Arcos will be displayed. Note: This can be done in both the DOS 
v1.1 and Windows v1.0 versions of the game.

To see the launch Arcos fly off into outer space, choose to the "Load city" option in the
file menu. Open the "349arco" file. Set the speed to "African Swallow" and wait. You will
receive as much money as the Arcos were worth.

Easy Money without Cheating:
Make sure your population is over 300,000, then build 100 churches in your city.

Luxury Homes:
First go to the bulldozer icon and hold.Go to raise land.Find an empty area and click two 
times on one tile.You should have a little mountain or hill.Then go to the house icon and 
hold.Next go down to dense.Then go to the top of your hill you made and build a dense house 
on the very top of it.Put power lines going up one side of the hill to were it touches the 
house tile you made. Then wait for a house to build and it should be a huge house.

Debug Menu:
During normal gameplay, type priscilla. A menu called "debug" will appear at the top of
the screen. Here there are special disasters like a volcano and firestorm. You can also
get more money and unlock all rewards.

Mega City:
Submitted by: jeremiah tunks

Ok if you want to build a mega city but dont have the money and dont like cheats go to the 
renual kit and make it. save it then go to the game and you can load it.

Erase objects:
Select "Trees/Water" and choose "Trees". Click to make the trees go on the city. Press 
[Shift] while clicking to erase things from your city. The population will remain and 
you can add more objects over the erased buildings.

Destroy Helicopters:
Submitted by: k6ka

To pick off helicopters from the sky, first build a successful airport in the city 
(you can use the money cheats to help you; type in IMACHEAT to get $500,000). click on 
Disasters, then No Disasters, then select the Centering Tool. These are now your Sim City 
cross-hairs. To knock a helicopter off the sky, position the cross-hair over the unfortunate 
copter and click. it will take some practice, but it's funny when you get 'em.

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