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  Hints and Tips for: SimCopter 
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 SimCopter Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Robert Cheape 
Once you have finished a level in the carrer mode, a message from HQ
saying that you have completed the mission and should return to the 
Hangar now. At the end of the message it also tells you that you have
recieved $500 for your troubles. At this point you should save the game,
WITHOUT returning to the hangar. After you save the game you should 
leave the city, then load the game again (whenever you feel like it) 
and wait a few moments, then another message that you have completed 
the level will appear and give you another $500!  You can do this as 
many times as you wish!

To bring up the cheat screen press and hold: ctrl, alt, x To get any 
chopper you want type in in the cheat screen:
"I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas". Then go to where you buy the choppers
and press 2-9.
And check out these codes...

Code                      Effect
Gas does grow on trees  - full tank of gas 
Shields up              - makes you invincible 
Out for a sunday drive  - gives you the view out of a car 
Radioactivity           - makes a reactor blow up 
Superpowermultiply      - when you push shift it makes you go faster. 
Gort                    - shows alien dialog of when you beat the game 
Been there, done that   - career level skip 
Warp me to: xx          - warp to career level. (xx stands for #level) 
The map, please         - shows map outside of your chopper 
PAMCAREYGOLDMAN         - shows picture of directors wife 
I love my copter        - warps you to copter wherever you are 
Lights, Camera, Action! - Start drive-in movies
Make me big             - Large helicopters

Make the man walk on his hands:
Submitted by: Robert Cheape

To do this enter the cheat window(ctrl-alt-x) type in superpowermultiply, 
find or cause a medevac, land and  get out of the copter and pick up the 
victim. Then push shift and hold. Notice that you turn into a dog. Release
the shift key. You should then see the man walking on his hands.

Copter select:
Submitted by: David
While playing a game, press [Ctrl] + [Alt]+ X, type I'm the CEO of McDonnell
Douglas (case and punctuation-sensitive) and press [Enter]. If you entered 
the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, press one of the folling 
keys at the copter catalog and the corresponding copter will appear outside
the hanger at no cost.

Fly a Commanche:
Enable the "Copter select" code. Then, return to the hanger and press 1 
throught 9 in order at the copter catalog. Exit the hanger and walk around
to one of the sides. A green Commanche with machine guns will be available.

Chase a UFO:
Enable the " Fly a Commanche" codee and fly around. A UFO should eventually 
appear in the game.

Turbo and Dog mode:
Whileplaying a game, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + X, type "superpowermultiply", and 
press [Enter]. If you entered the code correctly, you  will hear a sound. 
Then, press [Shift] while in flight to move faster. Exit the copter and press 
[Shift] to transform into a dog.

Time of day:
While plating a game, press [Ctrl] + D to toggle between day and night.

While playing a game, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + X and enter one of the following
case and punctuation-sensitive codes to activeate the corresponding cheat 
function. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Submitted by:

For SimCopter you must type in superpowermultiply and you go very fast but you
must hold down shift when moving and when you are on foot you turn into a dog 

Submitted: Ben
Find military base, Land, Get in Ship.

All Copters 
While playing, press Ctrl-Alt-X and type "I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas". Now
go to the copter catalog and type "123456789". Go outside and you'll see all the

Fly a Commanche:
Enable the "Copter select" code. Then, return to the hanger and press 1 through 9
in order at the copter catalog. Exit the hanger and walk around to one of the 
sides. A green Commanche with machine guns will be available. 

Time of day:
Press [Ctrl] + D to toggle between day and night. 

In-flight Movie: 
When in a city with a drive in, face away from the drive-in screen, then press 
Ctrl-Alt-X and type "Lights, Camera, Action!" Be sure to use the capital letters
where they are and space after each comma. If you turn around and face the screen
a short movie will be playing. 

Level Select: 
To warp to any level, press Ctrl-Alt-X and type "Warp me to career: ##", where ## 
is the level you wish to play (0-30). 

Playing Tip: 
If you want some easy money, here's how you can get. First, wait until there's 
nothing going on and your just flying around. Find a busy street and land right
in the middle of the road. Wait until the woman communicates with you. She should
tell you about a traffic jam. All you have to do is take off and use the megaphone
to clear up the jam and you should earn a reward for it!

Super Dog and Super Speed: 
While playing, press Ctrl-Alt-X and type "superpowermultiply". While you're in your
helicopter, hold SHIFT to fly faster than normal.

If you step out of the copter and press SHIFT your avatar will change into a dog. If
you press SHIFT while you are a Super Dog would will go even faster. 

Unlimited Money: 
Save your game before you do this. This code has a tendancy to drach the game. While
playing, press Ctrl-Alt-X and type "Give me bucks or give me death:$" Subsitute $ 
with how much money you want. 

Weapons of Mass Destruction: 
First, open a user game in Tutorial City. Next, use the cheat to get all the Copters.
Enter the green military helicopter. If it doesn't have all the avaiable options, buy
them, and Save your game! If you try to shoot the water cannon, bullets will fire. 
When you use the tear gas launcher, deadly missles will fire. For the best results in
accuracy, change to the cockpit view. The cross-hairs is where your barrage will hit.

Change difficulty level:
Run the "tweak.exe" program in the "tweak" sub-directory in the "simcopter" directory
found on the CD-ROM. 

Chase a UFO:
Enable the "Fly an Apache helicopter" code and fly around. A UFO should eventually 
appear in the game. Ten missile hits from the Apache are needed to shoot down the 

Easy money:
Enable the "Copter select" code. Enter the hanger and sell all the copters. Enable the
code again and repeat to quickly build money.


Start new user game on main menu,while playing press Esc and press city settings, put
rescue,riot,etc levels [low till at the bottom] and then put traffic level and game 
level on its maximun level then continue the game.While playing you will see a lot of
traffic jams on your radar,check for any car [i prefer blue,greenorblue-green] and 
keeping on pressing F6 FAST AS POSSIBLE until the car start to stop and go slow, in 
this way you can press F6 in for a while then let go ,repaet step over and over and 
your money will fly. If you are lucky the car will stop pernament at a traffic jam or
by it self and your money will keep on flying.

Copter select:
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + X, type I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas (case and punctuation-
sensitive) and press [Enter] during game play. A sound will confirm correct code entry.
Then, press one of the following keys at the copter catalog. The corresponding copter 
will appear outside the hangar at no cost.

Key Copter
1 - Bell 206 JetRanger 	
2 - MD 500 	
3 - Apache 	
4 - Bell 212 	
5 - Schwiezer 300 	
6 - Agusta A 109A 	
7 - Dauphin 2 	
8 - MD Explorer 	
9 - MD Explorer 520N 	

Men in bathing suits:
Go to the career game, then press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + X and type Warp me to career: 29. 
After that, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + X and type Been there, done that. In a few seconds, 
about 300 men in bathing suits will appear. They will kiss each other and the pilot 
(you). Since there is no military helicopter in this level, fire tear gas at them. 
The Maxis employee who placed this feature in the game was fired. The game was recalled
and another release was done without this secret.

Exploding helicopters:
Enable only the I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas and select every copter. Hop into any
copter except for the Apache, start the engine, and when you are about to lift off, 
press E to exit. If done correctly, you should be standing outside while your copter
is flying upwards without you. Hop into the Apache, fly straight up and eventually 
you should see your previous copter. Shoot it with the machine gun and it will explode
in mid-air. It will set fire to the area below, or the fire will hover in mid-air. 
Note. You can use this trick to fly all copters in the air at the same time and then
hunt them down.

Nuclear power plant meltdown:
Enable the "Fly an Apache Helicopter" code and at one of the towers. After two or
three missile hits, it should explode, destroying your copter. Most of the city 
should be either rubble or burning. Also, most of the people are either dead or 
in need of the ambulance.

Get an Apache without "cheating":
If you have the SimCity 2000 Urban Renewal Kit (URK), you can use it to build a 
military base with an Apache in it in your SimCopter City. Just find your saved 
SimCopter game and next to it should be the city you are currently playing in and
the file can be opened with SimCity 2000 or SimCity 2000 URK. Open it with the 
SimCity 2000 URK and in the objects menu find the military base pieces and build
a military base complete with fighter jets somewhere in your city, just make sure
you don't demolish your hangar. I would recommend making a backup in case you do 
something wrong. Next time you load that saved game, there should be a military 
base and where one of the fighter jets were there should be an Apache that you 
can get into and fly around. It has a machine gun and missiles which are good for
killing criminals, shooting down U.F.O.s, creating a nuclear meltdown or just 
causing havoc.

Pick up a cop:
Pick up a cop can very very helpful if a suspect has left the city streets. You 
can pick up a cop by landing on top of a police station. If you land near the 
suspect, the cop will jump out and perform a foot chase. Calling the police car
to the spot won't help because the cop car can only stay on the streets and would
be too far away to acquire the suspect. This also means your chopper need to have
passenger room. 

Carry a paramedic:
If there are wounded, a paramedic on your chopper can save you valuable time. Land
on top of a hospital and a paramedic will get in. Land near the wounded, and the 
paramedic will jump out and carry the wounded back to your chopper. Then it's time
to fly up and drop the patient off at the hospital.

Chase suspect in cars:
If there are no police cars converging on your suspect, you can try "bumping" the
suspect car yourself. You WILL take damage, but you may disable the suspect's car,
and if you have a police onboard, that cop can perform the footchase.

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