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  Hints and Tips for: Sins Of a Solar Empire 
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 Sins Of a Solar Empire Cheats

Sins Of a Solar Empire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: !&!---De@DLine---!&!

Sins of a Solar Empire Cheat: Various File Hacks:
Head to your game's installation file (which will be something like 
"Stardock Games/Sins of a Solar Empire/"). In this folder, you'll find 
nother folder called "Galaxy" which you should click. Now, please keep 
in mind, the following is both unverified and could potentially corrupt
your game installation or cause other computer problems, so try this at
your own risk.

Within the "Galaxy" folder, you'll see all sorts of systems from the game,
tutorials, and more. Right-click on any file in the "Galaxy" folder and 
open it with Notepad. 
You should see the following string at the top of the text file:

homeplanetupgradelevel: population 
homeplanetupgradelevel: civilianmodules 
homeplanetupgradelevel: tacticalmodules 
homeplanetupgradelevel: home 
homeplanetupgradelevel: artifactlevel 
homeplanetupgradelevel: infrastructure

These strings mean different things, and represent upgrade choices that 
can increase tactical capacity, population, and more. Here's what they 
mean specifically:

population       = civilian infrastructure 
civilian modules = logistics capacity 
tactical modules = tactical capacity 
artifact level   = exploration (already at max when you start a game)
infrastructure   = emergency facilities
home             = capital planet 
                   (default when you start a game, cannot change)

I personally used the following settings in the above order: 4,2,2,1,2,3.
I'm almost positive that these values are the same for each faction, but I 
haven't yet tried these numbers for each scenario size or each map. Therefore,
you may be limited to the actual max value depending on which galaxy map you 

If you head back to the same text file and scroll to the very bottom, you'll
find a section that starts with "playercount [#]". You should find it right 
after the section describing the phase line connections. The section starting
with "player 0" represents you. 
The three strings "startingcredits", "startingmetal", and "startingcrystal" 
are values of your starting material that can each be changed to a maximum 
of 9999.  Change those values at your leisure.

Stealing Resources:
If you're interested (in single-player mode) in stealing resources 
from other empires, try the following method:
1.) Start a new game and play as usual, giving the other empires 
    time to build up their resources.
2.  When you're ready to steal resources (as you're running low on 
    resources yourself), save your game, quit, and then reload another
    empire to play as.
3.) Once you have loaded your alternate empire, go to the Diplomacy menu. 
    Send the resources from this empire to your "normal", default empire. 
4.) Save the game, quit, and reload your original empire. The resources 
    sent from the alternate empire should now be there -- you can repeat 
    this as much as you want.

Change Language:
Russian To English Conversion. 
Just delete the File (Game Folder)\Strings\Russian.str
Now start the game File : Sins of a Solar Empire.exe.

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