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  Hints and Tips for: Slingo Quest! 
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 Slingo Quest! Cheats

Slingo Quest!

Interface Tricks:
Submitted by: David K.

*Right-click anywhere, press "Space", or press "Enter" when the spin button
 is high-lighted to start the spin.

*On multi-board, wheels will partially dim when there are additional matches.

*The side of the wheel that's not dimmed indicated which board(s) might have
 more matches.

Scoring Tricks:
*Each Slingo you release from a single cell match is worth twice as much, so
 try to set up as many Slingos as you can before you release them all.

*Butterfly Slingos are worth double, and they always come at the end of a 
series of Slingos, so try to set up as many Slingos as possible when catching
a butterfly.

*Cell power-ups are always in the same place on quest levels, so memorize where
 you get them, but they're randomized in pirate and bonus levels.

*Try to get cell multipliers as early as possible to multiply your score as 
much as possible.

*Once you have devil protection, devils are a good thing because each cherub
 has a 20% chance of doubling your score. Try to get cherubs as late in the 
 game as you can.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the stamp:
10 Million Points - Score 10 million points in a single level
Card Rush         - Get a full card in a game with at least five spins remaining
Classic           - Score 30,000 points in Classic mode
Full Spin         - Make a match with every reel in a single 5x5 board
Grand Slingo      - Make 1,000 Slingos 
Match Maker       - Make 10,000 Matches
Slingo Bonanza    - Get ten Slingos or Bounce Slingos in a single spin on a single
Speed Demon       - Complete a level without allowing the speed meter to run out
Stamp Collector   - Collect all other stamps
Super Joker       - Spin five jokers at once in a mode other than 7x7
Ten at Once       - Unleash ten normal, super, and bouncing Slingos all from one cell
Tic Tac Slingo    - Get four Slingos in a single move without using Bounce Slingos.

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