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 Sniper - Ghost Warrior Cheats

Sniper - Ghost Warrior

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheat mode:
Create a file called "debugconf.scr" then open the new created file with notepad and 
insert the following script.
// ----- Start----------------------------------------
// ChromeEngine config file

!SaveGame(s)                // SaveGame system logs method: "LogR", "CrashLog", "None"
!Cheats()                   // enable cheat mode
!MenuEditor(i)              // 1 - enable menu editor
!CurveEditor(i)             // 1 - enable curve editor
!NoMusic(i)                 // 1 - disable all sounds
!UseDeveloperKeys()         // enable developer keys
!UseFKeysWithCtrl()         // force using F keys only with ctrl
!ShowPlayingSounds()        // logs sound names
!RenderComments()           // enable rendering of comments
!NoLogos()                  // disables logos at game start
!DebugVisualisation()       // enable debug visualisation (waypoints, fightpoints etc.)
!SkipFadeOutIn()            // enable fast fade in/out
!SkipPressAnyKeyOnStart()   // enable skipping "press any key..." on level start
!SetLogLevel(i)             // binary sum of flags _LOG_ERRORS = 0x01,_LOG_WARNINGS = 0x02,
                            // _LOG_INFOS = 0x04, _LOG_TESTS = 0x08 
                            // (used in ShowInfo methods, debug console)

!ConsoleCommand(s) // Defines console command that will be run at the begging of the game 
                   // or after pressing numpad subtract key. There can be more than one command
                   // and the order of call is the same as they are defined in script.

!EnableAudioLog() // Enables logging of audio errors/events to file

!ChromeSpyHost(s) // ChromeSpy host machine name (default: localhost)
!ChromeSpyPort(i) // ChromeSpy port (default: 8086)


// ----- EndCheatbook--------------------------

Save the file, then copy the "debugconf.scr" to your game directory
...\Sniper Ghost Warrior\Game.

In Game press [Esc] to Access KI Debug Menu and

You can enable God Mode, Cheat Mode, Magic Ammo, Charge Full, Restore Health, Give Ammo, 
Give Rifle, Give Grenades, Kill Enemies ...

Rock Warrior:
If you approach certain rocks when in crouch mode you can actually enter them and not
be seen; here you can shoot enemies without being killed. So try certain rocks.
(Not all of the rocks will work).

To perform the objective" locate the lighthouse" using stealth:
Submitted by: vaibhav & vijay(springfields college)

When you have given the Objective to cross the area when you have to use the stealth, 
you usually get confused how to cross the area because of the alarm of the lighthouse. 
You should crawl in the grass beside the hill behind the cabin. After Sometime some 
enemies will come in front of whom we have to cross using stealth. Use the silencer 
revolver(small one) to kill them. Don't kill them standing or sitting just screw(Kill) 
them by lying down. 
If you have any other problem in this just contact us at:- 
enjoy the game!!

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