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 Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing Cheats

Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick start:
During the pre-race countdown, hold [Accelerate] just before "3" 
fades to start with a boost.

Spend the indicated amount of money to unlock the corresponding course. 

Rampart Road (Billy Hatcher)         : $5,000 
Dark Arsenal (Sonic The Hedgehog)    : $5,500 
Pinball Highway (Sonic The Hedgehog) : $6,500 
Sewer Scrapes (House Of The Dead)    : $7,000 
Lost Palace (Sonic The Hedgehog)     : $7,500 
Sandy Drifts (Super Monkeyball)      : $8,000 
Rokkaku Hill (Jet Set Radio Future)  : $8,500 
Rocky-Coaster (Samba de Amigo)       : $9,000 
Highway Zero (Jet Set Radio Future)  : $9,500 
Deadly Route (House Of The Dead)     : $10,000 
Ocean Ruin (Sonic The Hedgehog)      : $10,500 
Bingo Party (Sonic The Hedgehog)     : $11,000 
Lava Lair (Billy Hatcher)            : $11,500 
Monkey Target (Super Monkeyball)     : $12,000 
Thunder Deck (Sonic The Hedgehog)    : $12,500

You can purchase the racers below with the following number of SEGA Bucks.
You can earn SEGA money by racing and racking up mileage.

Ulala (Space Channel 5)                      - $12500
Jacky Bryant and Akira Yuki (Virtua Fighter) - $18500
Chuchu Pilots (Chuchu Rocket)                - $25500
Opa-Opa (Fantasy Zone)                       - $32500

Unlimited Miles:
1.Go to Time Trial mode which is (Singleplayer).
2.Choose a player with a Motorcycle (they can recover faster). 
3.Choose Tokyo-To Shibuya Downtown level (this level has the least amount  
  of obstacles and drop offs). 
4.Use tape or a rubber band to hold down the gas key and just let your 
  character drive though the course over and over again. 
It takes about a half hour to earn 15,000 Miles. Your controller may shut off 
every 15 minutes, this is normal -- you'll have have to turn it back on to allow
this to continue.

Wheelie Boost:
If you are playing as a character that drives a bike (e.g. Shadow), press UP and 
DOWN while driving. You can do a wheelie which, If executed correctly, will give 
you a speed boost.

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