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  Hints and Tips for: Sonic Ultra II 
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 Sonic Ultra II Cheats

Sonic Ultra II

Submitted by: conner54

At the title screen, type 'cheater'. 
You should hear a ring sound. 
While you're in a level, you can now choose 
options from the Cheats submenu of the Options 
menu (e.g. Add Ten Rings, End Act, Level Select etc.).

Submitted by: Tien Long

Sonic Universe 2 is a small game but I think it is a great game!
-Launch Sonic Universe 2.exe
-Press enter to skip the present
-You'll see 5 charaters for you choose. Each charater has a home stage:
1.Sonic (water stage)
2.Tails (flying stage)
3.Knuckle (Knux's forest)
4.Amy (green field)
5.Shadow (shadow's stage)

I play as 1 in 5 charaters and I seen they were very fast and easy to go in 
their homw stage.
I don't like Amy and Espio in this game because they can't spin to attack. 
Amy must has Piko Piko hammer and Espio can throw ninja star.
OK. There are some cheats but if you want more newer and better cheats, play 
throught this game more than 1.
Press "c" key and you'll see the text box under the charaters chooser:
"Digite seu Cheats aqui"
Don't think about what's that mean in English, just type these text.
"euqueroseroespio":to play as Espio
"euquero70vidas":to had 70 lifes
I'm a Vietnamese so I didn't need to know what's the text mean.
I asked Alexandre Martin about the cheats but he didn't recommended to me. 
I think he would us try to play the game much more to know the cheats then 
you'll play better, exciting and lover this normal graphic but very good 
arcade game.


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