South Park Super Mario Brothers Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: South Park Super Mario Brothers 
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 South Park Super Mario Brothers Cheats

South Park Super Mario Brothers

Submitted by: Bill Wolfe

1st level:
Find the ascending staircase formation of blocks
with two '?' blocks overhead and a yellow vertical tube
afterward (to the right). Climb up the staircase and hit
the '?' blocks one at a time (if you hit both at once, you
will only get credit for ONE gold coin). Collect the gold
coins underneath the staircase, then jump up onto the tube.
After the tube (to the right) you will see a midair block;
jump on top of that block. Now simply walk off the right
side of the block and fall straight down onto a hidden
platform. A secret '?' block will appear underneath the
midair block. Hit the secret '?' block for a free Mario,
then jump right onto the land area to continue the level.
3rd level:
Find the first vertically oscillating platform
and jump onto it. Ride the platform all the way down to
the bottom, and then ride it back up and jump off. Soon
you arrive at a very wide mushroom with a block attached
to the middle of its left side and a stack of three gold
coins vertically above the attached block. Walk across
this very wide mushroom and simply walk off the right
side. You will drop down onto a smaller mushroom. Now
simply walk off the left side of the smaller mushroom.
You will land on a once-only hidden platform, and a
secret '?' block will appear (attached to the middle
of the right side of the very wide mushroom). Jump up
and to the right so as to hit the secret '?' block for
a free Mario while also returning to the top of the
smaller mushroom at the same time. Notes: 1) If you
fail to ride the first vertically oscillating platform
all the way down, the once-only hidden platform will
not appear and your Mario will die when you try to go
after the secret '?' block. 2) If you do not jump to
the right as you hit the secret '?' block, and try to
land back on the once-only hidden platform instead,
your Mario will die because the once-only hidden
platform will disappear as soon as you make your jump.

Some worlds, especially World 2, contain invisible '?' 
Blocks. You can guess where they are by looking at the 
surrounding scenery or by bumping into them. 
Once you hit them from below, they are revealed.

In underground levels, watch the roof at the top of 
the level for gaps. Sometimes powerups are hidden out 
on top of the level, and it is sometimes possible to 
run along the top of levels as a shortcut. But be careful, you
might become stuck, and need to use the Panic Key (Escape).

If you find any '?' Blocks against the ground, you will 
probabily find a Turtle or Bug nearby. You can use their 
shell to bash the block open from the side. This is worth 
doing, because usually it will be a Fire Flower.

Collect all the coins you can! An extra life is always handy.

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