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  Hints and Tips for: Space Colony 
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 Space Colony Cheats

Space Colony

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Code                                  Result
Command + O (simultaneously)        - 10,000 credits.
Alt + Shift + O (simultaneously)    - 10,000 credits.
Alt + Shift + Y (simultaneously)    - Ends current mission.

10,000 credits:
Enter the "Financials" section of the Bridge screen, then press [Alt]+[Shift]+ O.
This can be repeated as needed.

Level skip:
Go to the Bridge screen then click on "Mothership". Resume the game if it was 
paused to display the "Mission Success" screen. Then, press [Alt] + [Shift] + Y.

Gay colonists:
Get the two colonists that you want and build up their friend relationship. 
When you click on the heart, if the "Will you be mine" part is 49% or higher,
tell them to do that. 

Easy fun:
If you place four discos together, a mirror ball will appear on the ceiling
and a DJ sound system will appear with an android operating it. This will
fill the fun bar on a colonist quicker.

Submitted by: gavin.hubbard2002

To get more authorised training, build a library and a training pod. Send a 
colonist to the training pod to train them in any skill, after the training 
has finished click on the library (with the colonist still selected) click 
cancel training and the training point will be restored. Repeat as much as 

Stop time without pausing:
Get someone to use a Silicon Collector. When all the silicon is coming through,
tell them to do something else. The sparks should stop.

2x training:
In each level you are allowed a limited number of training sessions using the 
library and training pod. If you put both the training pod and library in your 
base, use the training pod 1st. Then after you are done using the training pod,
go to the library. It will ask you if you want to continue your training as if 
you have not finish the training session you just did. Do so and it will not 
count against your number of training sessions raising your ability by two for
the price of one.

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